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Some Feet are Just Born This Way

Posted by on Thursday, February 2nd, 2012


Maybe a career in foot modeling is out. I wasn’t blessed with elegant, high arches, and symmetrical toes. I have a drawer full of thick wool socks that do a good job of hiding my imperfections. You know what I mean.

You wear socks to bed, so your husband doesn’t have to be subjected to the site of those misshapen toes and rough heels. Or you cover them in Vaseline or foot cream and wear socks to bed, so that some day you can show them off.

Wearing socks to bed isn’t going to help your love life, but on the other hand, your husband’s feet are probably in much worse shape than yours. Most men don’t pay any attention to that part of their body, unless they start hurting. They should, we like a nice pair of strong male feet. Look at Ben Affleck’s lovely toes:

Another reason I can’t be a foot model is because I abuse my feet. Ellen Sirot is a famous foot model and she treats her feet like precious jewels. She doesn’t wear heels unless she is modelling the latest fashions, has regular pedicures, and probably has a podiatrist on call. It pays off, because she makes up to $500 an hour.  Foot models know how to care for their feet, because it is their livelihood.

Foot model Hamassa, of Body London Agency isn’t doing too bad in the foot department either:

Is there a body part that can’t be made more attractive through cosmetic surgery? As someone with ugly feet, I ask myself that question. Celebrities know the answer. Their feet are on the big screen where every little toe hair is magnified.

Podiatrists are receiving more requests to improve the look of their patient’s feet. Warts, fungal infections, bunions and athlete’s foot can turn pretty feet into dogs. Cracked heels are the bain of most women, and easy to take care of with some maintenance. I use a Dremel tool on my heels. It sounds drastic but it feels good watching all of that dead skin slough off with the whirl of the sandpaper wheel.

Most podiatrists won’t perform surgery for purely cosmetic reasons, and insurance companies won’t pay for vanity, but unfortunate looking feet are often that way do to legitimate medical reasons, so you are good to go.

Some people like to keep those idiosyncrasies that make them unique, like an extra toe, or webbed feet. They are proud of their quirkiness, even if it makes their life a tiny bit more difficult.

You don’t have to be a model or a movie star to have nice feet. The doctors at the The Center For Podiatric Care And Sports Medicine can help your feet feel and look their best.


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