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High Tech Laser Option for Fungus Toenails

Posted by on Monday, January 3rd, 2011


Laser treatment for  toenail fungus has recently been approved by the FDA. Prior to Lasers, the treatments for fungal nails were  limited to oral anti-fungal medications which have the potential for liver toxicity and topicals which deliver marginal benefits.The laser works by penetrating the fungal nail plate and destroying the fungus by the heat it generates. This clearing of the nails of the fungus can occur after only one treatment. Sometimes it is necessary to touch up one or two nails that haven’t responded to the laser.

Unfortunately laser treatment for fungal nails is not covered by insurance plans but is a covered benefit for those that have flexible spending health accounts.
So how would you pay for the treatment?

We have broken down the laser program into two components. The first is the examination and nail treatment which may be covered by your insurance carrier. The second part is the laser treatment which is not covered by insurance. The one-time charge for three office visits and nail care is $500. There is an additional one time laser fee of $70.00 per toe,which is charged at the first visit. For example,treating one toe only would be $570.00. However,  if you need all ten toenails treated,the charge would be $1200.00. We are able to provide laser treatment less expensively than other practices  because we own our laser and do not lease the laser like other practices who are required to pay a fee each time to turn the laser on.

We will bill your PPO insurance policy and request any benefit payment be mailed to you. The laser portion is not a covered service and,therefore, will not be billed to your insurance company. In an effort to make sure that you maintain the best results possible,we even offer additional visits within the first year of treatment for a nominal charge,which we will bill your PPO for your coverage.


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