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Bunions-Part 1

Posted by on Friday, September 9th, 2011


Drs. Geldwert,Lai and Minara have over 60 years combined experience in successfully correcting bunions. The following is an explanation of what bunions are. Future blogs will explain what happens to you when you have a bunion and the different approaches to caring for bunion deformities.

The term bunion comes from the word turnip. In this case,it refers to the large bump that forms on the head of the 1st metatarsal.The term bunion is a simple term that denotes a complex of deformities. One can see a bunion forming in a newborn baby’s foot,or it can develop in someone who is in their eighties or nineties. Bunions are genetically determined and are not caused by shoe-wear or abnormal mechanics. They may be severely aggravated by improperly fitting shoes and poor mechanics,but they are caused by one’s genetic background. Commonly associated with bunion deformities is ligamentous laxity. Ligaments hold joints together. Some people have loose or hyper-elastic ligaments. We often say these individuals are ” double jointed” because they have the ability to hyper- extend their fingers,elbows or knees. Many people with scoliosis,which is a lateral “s” curve in the spine,also have bunion deformities.There have been studies which document that barefoot tribes get bunions as well as people who wear shoes.

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