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Are You Experiencing Ankle Pain After Go-Karting? NYC Podiatrists Can Help.

Posted by on Wednesday, September 5th, 2018


A 56-year-old man sustained a broken ankle while go-kart racing in Mount Kisco. The incident occurred July 25th at the Grand Prix New York on Bedford Road when the man slammed into a tire wall. Westchester EMS responded and transported the man to Northern Westchester Hospital Center for treatment. If you’re experience ankle pain after go-karting, you may have sustained an ankle injury. Podiatrists at The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine say go-kart-related ankle injuries are all too common.

ankle pain after go-karting
If you’re experience ankle pain after go-karting, you may have sustained an ankle injury. White Plains podiatrists say go-kart-related ankle injuries are all too common. [Image Source: Unsplash user kvanginkel_]

G0-Kart Injuries Are All Too Common

A study of children under age 16 injured in go-kart accidents found:

  • Injured participants ranged from age 2-16, with an average age of 10.
  • The average hospital stay was about five days.
  • More than half the children required at least one operation.
  • Almost a third required two or more operations.
  • All children required follow-up care.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, American children sustain more than 10,000 go-kart injuries each year. Most injuries are caused by collisions with stationary objects. In other cases, moving vehicles ricochet off each other or the go-kart rolls over after a loss of control. Some children were ejected from the go-kart and even struck by another vehicle.

In some cases, go-kart accident victims have had grounds to sue. In Georgia, a woman who fractured both ankles, requiring open reduction with internal fixation surgery, was awarded $1.3 million for her hardship. As a result of her injuries, she accrued $150,000 in medical bills but she continues to suffer residual pain and may one day require fusion surgery for one of her ankles. In Florida, other victims received $5,000 for a broken ankle and $23,000 for a broken leg caused by go-kart accidents.

Ankle Pain After Go-Karting Could Be Trauma

The most common type of go-kart ankle trauma is a right ankle or Calcaneal (heel) fracture, caused by the pedal. With these injuries, you can expect an 8-12 week recovery time, with much immobilization spent in a walking boot or cast. Surgical fixation with screws or plates is sometimes necessary. Complications may include delayed wound healing, nerve irritation, joint stiffness, chronic pain, chronic swelling, infection, and arthritis.

High-speed go-kart injuries may involve more serious trauma like a talar fracture. Damage to the tibiotalar joint, talocalcaneal or subtalar joint, and the talonavicular joint can lead to severe complications. Doctors have seen cases of delayed union, nonunion, avascular necrosis, arthritis, or a peripheral nervous system disorder called neuropraxia. Children injured in high-speed go-kart collisions may suffer long-term disability.

Go-Kart Safety Tips

To avoid leg, foot, and ankle injuries associated with go-karts, be sure you are wearing the proper footwear. Boots or sneakers that cover the entire foot and ankle are essential riding gear. Pants must be full-length, rather than shorts or capris. High-speed courses require that you wear a D.O.T or S.N.E.L.L rated helmet, goggles, a neck brace, long sleeves, a chest protector, and full-fingered gloves as well. Riders should always wear seatbelts, avoid sitting on another rider’s lap. They should also be under adult supervision if not of age. It is also recommended that riders take frequent breaks every three races or so to avoid fatigue-related mistakes.

Treatment for Ankle Pain After Go-Karting in NYC

If you or a loved one are injured in a go-kart accident, the Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine in White Plains and Manhattan is a top source of foot and ankle care. We have all the equipment in-house to x-ray and treat any injury of the foot, ankle, or lower leg. Our staff is comprised of board-certified surgeons and state-of-the-art technology to rehabilitate our patients quickly and effectively, particularly if they are active athletes who want to get back to competition or other activities they love without delay. Go-kart racing can be thrilling, but you don’t want to risk your long-term mobility. Contact us today to have your injury treated by a White Plains foot and ankle specialist to avoid complications.


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