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Tennis News: Djokovic Fakes Ankle Injury To Beat Murray

Posted by on Monday, February 23rd, 2015


You have to hand it to tennis star Novak Djokovic—he sure knows how to psych out his opponents! A win is a win, but most serious competitors prefer to win against healthy opponents who are at their best—not against someone who has just sustained a terrible ankle injury. Playing upon sympathies, Djokovic knows how to stagger and throw his opponents off-balance just long enough for him to rebound and take the win. The Australian Open was no exception.

Did Novak Djokovic hurt his ankle again… or was it all just a performance? Image Source:

Did Djokovic Hurt His Ankle Again?

This was the question on everyone’s mind when Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic began stumbling like “a drunk on rollerskates” against Scotland’s Andy Murray in the Australian Open earlier this month. The BBC reported, “Djokovic looked uncomfortable after every point, grimacing and limping.” According to the newspaper, he “had issues with his thumb and ankle in the opening two sets, then appeared to struggle with another leg injury” before beating Murray asunder.

In the past, Novak Djokovic has suffered ankle injuries that brought tears to his eyes. He turned his right ankle during the Davis Cup in April 2014, but an MRI revealed no structural damage. A month later, he felt like he hurt it again at the Madrid Open, but he was feeling 100% by June. Perhaps he is more famous for feigning ankle injuries than actually sustaining them, according to Business Insider!

Djokovic nonchalantly told reporters he just felt really exhausted and needed some time to get himself back in order. Murray told reporters he was “distracted” by his opponent’s performance and found it hard to tell if it was a faked injury or a legitimate cramp, which he admitted is “a tough thing to recover from.”

Common Tennis Foot & Ankle Injuries

Djokovic may have been lucky to suffer no more than the occasional swollen ankle from a twist-and-roll. Tennis is one of the hardest sports on an ankle. The fancy footwork involved, as well as the hard playing surfaces, can take a toll on players. Some of the most common acute foot and ankle injuries we see among New York tennis athletes include:

We also tend to see many more chronic overuse injuries, like:

NYC Foot & Ankle Injury Rehabilitation

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In his office, you can receive everything from traditional physical therapy and custom orthotics, to platelet-rich plasma injections and laser pain therapy. We help players through an active recovery that maintains as much strength, balance, and stability as possible. We’re also fully equipped to do MRIs, CT scans, ultrasounds, and computerized gait analysis to reach an accurate diagnosis. At the start of the season, we do a lot of physical checkups to determine possible areas of weakness and make sure our tennis stars have the necessary gear to make it through the season without injury. Book your appointment with a board-certified podiatrist specializing in NYC tennis foot and ankle injury treatment and prevention today.


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