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The Process of Foot Surgery Recovery: Maine Woman Shares Story of Broken Foot Recovery

Posted by on Monday, November 9th, 2015


“Foot surgery puts the marriage vow about sickness to the test,” reports Liz Soares in the Central Maine press.1 Here at The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine in NY, we never like informing patients that surgery is their best recourse. The reactions are decidedly mixed. Some people reject the thought altogether and say there is no way they can afford the downtime, while others joke that it sounds like “a real dream” to stay home from work and be waited on hand and foot for a few weeks or even months. We do agree that having a rosy outlook will make your recovery time much easier; but foot surgery is a serious decision, and you also need to understand that, as Liz describes, “It’s not all sunshine and rainbows.”

foot surgery recovery
What is foot surgery to repair a fracture really like during the recovery phase? Image Source: (FlDalwood)

Foot Surgery: Not As Scary As You Think!

Liz had been suffering with issues in her right foot for quite some time. The pain had reached an intolerable level where surgery was the best course of action. She was put under light anesthesia and said the last thing she remembered was the oxygen mask going over her mouth and nose — and then waking up with a huge bandage on her foot. Patients often fret over the surgery itself, but with all the anesthesia options we have today, the actual procedure is easy on you, as long as you have someone who can drive you to your appointment.

Learning to Walk Again

After receiving lessons on using a crutch, Liz soon found that foot surgery is like nothing else. Even though she’d had carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists, she decided that “hopping around on one leg isn’t a practical alternative to walking.” It wasn’t long before she concluded that crutches were “exhausting.”

Coping with Helplessness

“I was basically helpless,” she reported. “I couldn’t even get myself a glass of water. Meanwhile, I was starving.” She felt guilty asking her husband Paul to fix her a plate of food or make a meal.

For many foot surgery patients, the adjustment to accepting help from others — even those who vowed to stay with them “through sickness and in health” — is the most difficult one. Every simple move, from fetching the remote to going to the bathroom to getting a snack becomes a deliberate debate: Is it really worth the struggle? 

Liz recalled trying “not to be too demanding,” but even then, there were still times when she had a string of requests. “Please put the kettle on so I can have some coffee. I’d like some yogurt in a bowl. Then I’ll need my pain pill and some water. And before you sit down, can you get me the ice pack?” she recalls saying.

During her recovery, Liz taught her husband how to make coffee using a French press, how to assemble a casserole, and how to organize his shopping list. Perhaps you can think of foot surgery recovery as an exercise in bonding, as Liz and her husband did. Luckily, Paul took to the caregiving like a champ because — like many chronic pain patients — Liz needed surgery done on her other foot six months later!

NYC Foot Surgery

We may not be able to take away the feelings of helplessness that occur after a foot surgery, but we can give you practical advice to make coping easier, and provide you with knowledgeable tips and tricks. If you live in New York City and need foot or ankle surgery, give us a call. We do all different types of foot surgery at The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine, including:

  • Flatfoot repair
  • Bunion repair
  • Hammertoe repair
  • Tendon repair
  • Ligament repair
  • Neuroma treatment
  • Bone fragment removal
  • Cartilage cleaning
  • Wart excision
  • Ingrown nail excision
  • Tumor removal
  • Traumatic reconstruction
  • Joint replacement

In addition to foot surgery, we also employ a wide variety of therapeutic treatments involving injections, lasers, massage, immobilization, physical therapy, and other modern techniques. If you live in the NYC / Westchester NY area, contact us to learn more. We’ll not only perform the surgery (if deemed necessary) — but we’ll also lend a sympathetic ear and take the journey through recovery along with you!



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