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Sideline Masters: Sacramento Kings Get Royal Treatment From Sports Medicine Team

Posted by on Tuesday, January 14th, 2014


Have you ever wondered what it takes to keep a world-class NBA team in business? The sheer physicality of the game makes it challenging to keep all the stars functioning at their best throughout the entire season. Since the 2013-2014 season started this summer, there have been five team injuries for the Sacramento Kings, including Carl Landry’s torn hip flexor, Patrick Patterson and Travis Outlaw’s bruised knees, DeMarcus Cousins’ ankle injury, and Rudy Gay’s stiff right knee.

For the most part, the team has remained relatively healthy, while other teams are kissing players goodbye for the entire season due to foot fractures, knee injuries, and ankle sprains. The Sacramento Bee says this success is due to the expert care the team receives from a comprehensive group of sports medicine professionals, ranging from surgeons and physical therapists to nutritionists and personal trainers.

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Teams like the Sacramento Kings work with sports medicine clinics to maintain players’ health.
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NBA Stars Need Specialists To Monitor Common Sports Injuries

The Sacramento Bee describes the team of sports medicine professionals: “Up on Row J of Section 114, a trio of smartly dressed men watched the play closely. Like overprotective new parents, the three sat poised, hyper-attentive, alert for any sign of a troubling scenario that would spur them to action: injured joints, hurt players.”

Collectively, the sports medicine group caring for the Kings has seen everything from ankle and knee injuries to head lacerations and rashes. Yet, there are specialists who focus on core areas of injury — one for shoulders, knees and elbows; one for hips and knees; and one for concussions and primary care. (At our center, we specialize in foot and ankle injuries.)

Progressive Sports Medicine Ideas Aid Professional Athletes

Healthy eating initiatives are regularly emphasized in a comprehensive sports medicine program. Young guys in a new city often fall back on fast food to fuel themselves when time is short. “They’re only human,” say the Kings’ trainers. Yet, approaching food as a form of preventative medicine is a progressive idea that pays off in the long run. Elite veteran athletes like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James wouldn’t be able to play for ten or more years with unhealthy eating habits.

Trainers also ensure that NBA stars participate in cross-training activities like boxing, swimming and weight-lifting to prevent overuse injuries and keep the players’ bodies as fit as possible. Players who suffer weakness in one area of the body are likely to have trouble in other parts, as is the case with plantar fasciitis, which can be related to weak calf muscles.

Trainers, Coaches & Sports Medicine Experts Work Together

A sports medicine center is helpful for preseason evaluations because they have all the tools needed to cover a multitude of areas:

  • general medical exams
  • orthopedic exams
  • baseline screenings
  • cardiology tests
  • biomechanical evaluations.

The professionals who staff these well-equipped clinics can also perform x-rays, dole out essential medical supplies, offer a second opinion on a particular condition, treat minor ailments like headaches, or schedule surgery for the worst injuries.

While trainers and coaches are the front-line caregivers for sports teams, having a trusted, progressive sports medicine clinic can be the Ace in their back pockets.

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Dr. Geldwert works closely with patients to correct podiatric problems.
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Here on the east coast, at The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine, we offer the same level of top-notch total body fitness for athletes, both professional and amateur. Contact us to join with a top-notch team of sports medicine experts in NYC.


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