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What You Need to Know About Maurice Jones-Drew’s Foot Sprain and 3 Fantasy Replacements

Posted by on Friday, October 26th, 2012


Let’s talk about a big foot injury from week seven’s NFL games!

The incredibly durable and productive Maurice Jones-Drew of the Jacksonville Jaguars left last Sunday’s game with a foot injury, ending a solid run as one of the league’s most reliable running backs.

At first there was some fear that he had suffered the dreaded Lisfranc injury, which is kind of funny–now anytime someone hurts his foot, everyone starts shrieking “Lisfranc! He’s done!” (In case you need a quick review, the Lisfranc complex is a group of bones and ligaments located in your midfoot that act as a connector between your ankle bones and your metatarsal bones. Damaging bones or ligaments in the Lisfranc complex typically requires a long recovery period.).

However, just as we had last week with DeMarco Murray, Jones-Drew’s injury is being called a foot sprain, with no plans for surgery as would be common with a Lisfranc (at least so far–there’s still some possibility that after the swelling goes down, they could discover a Lisfranc problem). Now that’s no picnic–it’s hard to predict how long a foot sprain will take for it to heal, especially when they don’t reveal the exact location or severity of the sprain.

This is what we heard from Jags coach Mike Mularkey:

“Maurice is, uh … he’s got a foot. Again, dealing with the feet. He is probably gonna be out. I can’t tell you the extent of time, but I can tell you he’ll be out this game.”

Indeed, he has a foot–which is something we at Healing Feet find pretty awesome.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t tell us a lot about the injury or how long he’ll be out beyond this week against Green Bay. I don’t know if he’ll be back for Detroit the following week, either; MJD is pretty tough, so I can imagine him trying to talk his way back into a game, but a sprained foot will make it hard to be 100% effective. With little else that’s appealing about this team, though, the Jags have to hope that Jones-Drew is back soon and not out so long that he’ll have time to become fluent in Mandarin, learn to play the cello, or become the team’s resident SQL expert.

Fantasy Impact The obvious choice for a replacement  is Rashad Jennings, who will take Jones-Drew’s carries while he’s out, but he’s only available in 24% of Yahoo! Leagues. The reason he probably isn’t more owned is because people forget about Jacksonville. Jennings may not be great, but at least you know will be getting plenty of work, especially with Jacksonville QB Blaine Gabbert also dealing with an injured left shoulder.

Another option is Vick Ballard of the Colts. They’re playing against Tennessee with its weak rushing defense, and Ballard was decent last week filling in for Donald Brown. Ballard’s available in 60% of Yahoo! leagues, so you at least have a chance of picking him up.

Giant running back Ahmad Bradshaw sat out of practice this week; he plays hard, but he’s always a little banged up. They might give some carries to Andre Brown, who made a splash for the Giants earlier this year. He’s available in almost 50% of Yahoo! leagues and might be worth picking up if you need someone to fill in for Jones-Drew or any of your backs who are out on a bye.

Presumably you’re not getting paid large sums of money to run from very large men like Jones-Drew is, so there’s no reason for you to rush through an injury. If you suspect you have a foot sprain, or any other kind of foot injury, don’t hesitate–contact a podiatrist at The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine (212.996.1900) to get a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan.


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