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Softball and Foot Injuries

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Don’t let the name fool you. There is nothing “soft” about softball. Players are slamming their ankles into bases, sprinting until their shins crack and fracturing foot bones while catching balls in the outfield. Balls have cracked off players’ feet and ankles rocketing at tremendous force.

Teen girl playing softball in organized game

What Causes Softball Injuries?

Foot injuries are one of the most common injuries suffered by young ball players. Most softball injuries are due to overuse, excess training, and lack of diversity in training. More specifically, though, the sport itself can cause a lot of wear-and-tear to the lower extremities. Here are some of the factors involved:

  • Running – Lisfranc ligament tears result from sprinting base to base or racing to catch loose balls, often along imperfect terrain. Yankees pitcher Chien Ming-Wang suffered a career-ending Lisfranc injury after running the bases in Houston.
  • Cleats – While cleats are designed to provide more traction and protect players from injury, it doesn’t always work out. When spikes get caught on the ground, this can cause fractured or sprained ankles, turf toe, foot fractures, foot lacerations, and contusions.
  • Sliding – Sliding into base causes the most acute injuries. Sprained or fractured ankles, bone bruises, and broken or jammed toes sometimes occur when players slide into bases with great force.

The most common NY softball and baseball foot injuries we treat include:

Softball Injury Treatment Approach

Dr. Josef Geldwert, Dr. Ryan Minara, and Dr. Katherine Lai will develop a treatment plan that works for you. We want first to alleviate your pain and suffering, but also attack the cause of your injury, so it doesn’t resurface again. We take our time getting to know each patient and use our expertise in sports medicine to complement the training you receive on the field from your coach. Our goal is to get you to full strength as efficiently as possible!

Overuse Injuries in Softball Players

Repetitive motions and over-training cause soft tissue overuse injuries that can persist for a long time and resist treatment. However, we offer the latest advances in technology used by pro ball players like Derek Jeter including Platelet-Rich Plasma, laser treatment, shockwave therapy, cryosurgery, and ultrasonic debridement.

Emergency Softball Injuries

When acute injury strikes, you can avoid a long wait in the emergency room by making a quick call to our Manhattan or White Plains facilities. Our podiatric surgeons can book an emergency procedure at Beth Israel Medical Center, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, or White Plains Hospital, if needed. We have x-ray and ultrasound equipment in our foot and ankle care center. Our surgeons are board-certified and trained in the latest minimally-invasive treatment techniques.

Tips For Preventing Softball Sports Injuries

Sports medicine doctors recommend taking the following softball safety measures:

  • Choose the right cleat for your league and playing surfaces.
  • Wear the properly fitting cleats and buy new shoes each season.
  • Learn the proper technique for safely sliding into base.
  • Look out for holes, bumps, and ripped-up turf in your section of the field.
  • Practice running the bases, especially starting and stopping.
  • Train using plyometrics – jumping, balancing, twisting, and turning.
  • Know how to prepare for spring weather.

Our team would love to go into greater detail with you on any or all of these points.

Get Immediate Relief For Softball Injuries in NYC

We treat all levels of softball injuries, from peewee to pro. Contact us at The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine for softball injury diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Josef J. Geldwert, Dr. Katherine Lai, and Dr. Ryan Minara have helped thousands of people, including softball players, get back on their feet.