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Adidas’ AM4NYC Shoe is Designed Specifically for New Yorkers

Posted by on Monday, December 4th, 2017


If one thing is true about athletic shoe companies, it’s that they’re never content with “business as usual.” Rather, they’re locked into fierce competition to come up with the most innovative features and eye-catching designs. Over the last two years, Adidas has released interesting technologies like Futurecraft 4D—featuring a web-like midsole “created with light and oxygen” for better performance—and Futurecraft Biosteel Fiber, with an upper made with nature-based, biodegradable high-performance fiber that weighs 15% less than synthetics. They also released a fully customizable shoe called the Ultraboost Xeno, which they feel will be the future of footwear.

Many of these advances come as the result of innovative manufacturing techniques. Previously, they were limited to batches of 50,000 or 100,000 in order to make a profit. Now, at their “Speedfactory” in Germany, they can crank out batches as small as 500—three times faster than competitors. Rumor has it, they’re opening one of these facilities in Atlanta soon. Such manufacturing innovation has prepared them for their latest endeavor—releasing six different sneakers, customized for six different cities. As you may have guessed, New York City is one of those six, with the Adidas AM4NYC coming soon!

Adidas is launching a line of shoes specific to different cities--including New York!
Adidas is launching a line of shoes specific to different cities, including New York! Image Source: Pixabay user sbl0232.

Adidas Made For Germany and Adidas Made For London

The idea of a city-centric concept sneaker first debuted in 2016, when Adidas unveiled 500 pairs of Futurecraft Made for Germany. Shortly thereafter, they introduced AM4LDN (Adidas Made For London), which looked almost identical to the German pair, with a few extra colors in the upper part.

According to the manufacturer, Adidas designers traveled to Paris, LA, Shanghai, Tokyo, London, and New York City to meet with local runners and study their routines. They wanted to know how, why, where, and when they ran. They also monitored the runners’ strides with gait analysis motion capture and sensors.

How Are New York Adidas Shoes Unique?

New York City runners tend to land hard on their heels, so the version of the shoe for our city—AM4NYC—was made with additional heel and midfoot support, although the overall design is slightly more lightweight than comparable models. Our friends in London like to run in the dark, so they were given a more reflective shoe with a rugged outsole ideal for running in damp conditions.

Where Can You Find AM4NYC?

London’s shoe was available as early as October 19th, followed by the release of the Paris model on the 26th. There’s no word on exactly when AM4NYC will debut, other than that we can expect them “in 2018.” Our best guess for where to find them would be the Adidas flagship store that opened last year at Fifth Avenue and 46th Street. It’s quite the experience if you’ve never been there!

Get Sized and Ready for Your New Kicks!

Whether you’re holding out for the debut of the AM4NYC or getting a new pair of shoes now, it’s important that you select the right shoes for your feet. After all, wearing the wrong shoes or the wrong size can lead to foot pain and even injuries. As such, footwear counseling is one of the many jobs performed by our NYC podiatrists at The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine. We routinely meet with athletes in our gait analysis center who want to feel better and perform better by having their feet accurately assessed and examined. We can tell you how you distribute pressure with each step, where you’re most likely to become injured based on your biomechanical profile, and how you can change up your stride, your footwear, or your training to prevent these injuries.

Unlike most doctors who only treat sick patients, we thrive on proactively treating our patients to keep them active, healthy, and happy! No one wants the news that a ruptured Achilles tendon, a cracked fifth metatarsal, or plantar fasciitis is going to keep them out of the competition for months on end. Who can afford that kind of downtime in today’s busy world? So stop by our office near Central Park to have your feet assessed and measured, or contact us today to book an appointment.


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