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Make Your Feet Healthy and Fashionable: Comfy Heels For Designer Shoe Lovers

Posted by on Friday, December 12th, 2014


The American Podiatric Medical Association has a list of approved footwear for people in search of comfortable, “orthopedic” shoes. Yet, these shoes are not necessarily what you’d want to wear to a cocktail party. Enter: Kenneth Cole. The Brooklyn-based clothing designer has long been known for upscale, sophisticated fashion. We’re pleased to learn he also offers a line of comfortable heels called the “Gentle Souls” line. According to one blogger who has tried all the feel-good shoe lines — Aerosoles, Naturalizer, Easy Spirit — “these shoes are by far the most comfortable.” Best of all, these heels are classy! Celebrities like Anna Paquin, Eva Amurri, and Marcia Gay Harden have been spotted in them.

Who Needs Comfy Heels?

Perhaps in your twenties you could get away with sky-high stilettos. As we get older, the fat pads wear down, our ligaments stretch our feet wider, and bunions place added pressure on the outer big toe. Twenty minutes in high heels can feel like forever! Our New York podiatrists believe that everyone can benefit from high heels engineered with added padding, improved construction materials, and a better fit.

Certain conditions make comfy heels a MUST, however:

– Diabetes

– Corns

– Bunions

– Hammer toes

– Metatarsalgia

– Plantar Fasciitis

– Tendinitis

– Arthritis

We recommend buying a shoe carrying case to stash your heels until they are absolutely necessary to minimize wear time. Be sure to stretch out your feet, ankles, and calves before and after stepping into those shoes as well!

What Makes Kenneth Cole’s Gentle Souls Better For Your Feet?

Kenneth Cole’s Gentle Souls shoes uses “patent-pending technology” and high-quality materials to give you a better heel-wearing experience. “There’s really no reason why a woman can’t feel as good as she looks,” Cole told The Huffington Post. “The goal is to try to create that product that a woman can wear to work, at work and after work….Everything a woman wears during the day affects how she looks, but shoes — more than anything — affect how she feels.” He said his aim was to create “sexy, feminine shoes” that incorporate the latest technology to provide greater comfort.

Here are a few of the features, according to their official description on

– Deerskin lining: Soft, breathable, durable liner; conforms to your feet.

– Flaxseed pillows: Cushioned support and padding; redistributes weight with every step.

– Poron memory foam padding: NASA foam maintains its shape over time; adds super cushy padding

– Granulated cork: Aids in shock absorption when walking on hard surfaces.

– Rubberized outsole: Flexible bottom; adds traction.

The downside is that, like all designer shoes, they are a bit pricey. Unless you find them on sale, they could run you around $200 for a pair.

NYC Podiatrists Assist With Shoe Choices

Trying to find the right fit and shoe style can be overwhelming. Years ago, shoe stores hired teams of experts armed with knowledge of foot anatomy and medical conditions, as well as Brannock Devices, to help their customers find the best shoes for their feet. While you may find a few “orthopedic” shoe stores like this, it can be difficult to find shoes that look good too. We understand the importance of footwear to your long-term comfort, so we are more than happy to help. Book your appointment with a certified podiatrist in Manhattan or Westchester today.


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