The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine

Knee and Foot Pain

Very often the source of your neck, back and knee pain may be in your feet. When foot posture is incorrect, your entire body structure is weakened and misaligned, leading to painful conditions throughout the body. Think of your body as an automobile body; when the wheels of your car are out of alignment the body of the car starts to shake, the welded joints of the assembled parts are under excessive strain and the automobile starts to break down prematurely. This same sequence occurs with the human body. Therefore, it becomes very important to align your body. Custom made foot orthotics will help to realign your body and reduce the stress on your back,knees and feet.

Shin Splints, tendonitis, posterior tibial dysfunction, iliotibial band syndrome, limb length discrepancy, stress fracture, and compartment syndrome may all be mechanically induced. Many of these problems are a result of structural problems and abnormal functions resulting in hyperpronation and excessive tibial rotation. Our foot doctors have had success in treating these problems with various biomechanical aids including custom made orthotics.

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