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Work Begins On Staten Island’s New Clove Lakes Park Running Trail

Posted by on Friday, June 8th, 2018


Staten Island construction crews broke ground on a new 5K cross-country running trail at Clove Lakes Park last month. The design phase of the project began in June 2015. Procurement wrapped up in October 2017, with construction of the $1.9 million “state-of-the-art” trail officially underway. The restored trail is scheduled to open in March 2020 as a “safer, more environmentally friendly” place for Staten Islanders to enjoy the natural elements.

clove lakes running trail
Clove Lakes Park is one of Staten Island runners’ favorite places to train for a 5K. [Image Source: Unsplash user Jenny Hill]

Clove Lakes Park: A Mecca For Staten Island Runners

“Clove Lakes Park is the Mecca for runners here on Staten Island,” explained Assemblyman Michael Cusick (D-Mid-Island). “To have a project like this happen is a big deal,” he added. Health and wellness are important priorities for the local government, and this project only further emphasizes that.

Sometimes dubbed “Little Central Park,” Clove Lakes Park is a protected “Forever Wild” site full of natural history, lakes, ponds, serpentine rocky outcrops, and a 300-year-old tulip tree. Forests, brooks, bridges, waterfalls, floral pastures, and ponds with ducks and geese dot the landscape. In addition to the running trails, there are baseball diamonds, basketball courts, playgrounds, ice rinks, soccer, and football fields.

In writing for Splice Todaylocal Kevin Walsh explains the allure of Clove Lakes Park, stating unequivocally: “Of all Staten Island’s green spaces this, along with Silver Lake Park to the east, is the most developed and most closely resembles landscaped Central and Prospect Parks; it’s dominated by picturesque bridges, winding walkways, close-cropped grass, and artificial brooks.”

You can rent boats to explore the pond, walk the bridle paths with your horse, or just relax on the expansive lawn. The park itself is lovingly maintained by the NYC Parks Department, although (sadly) some of the surrounding historic architecture is not.

Brian Fidelman wrote in the NY Times“If I had to run for six hours, Clove Lakes Park wouldn’t be a bad spot. It reminded me of the boathouse area of Central Park, only without the crowds. Couples rowed rented boats in Clove Lake, and families strolled along tree-covered paths and over the stone bridge.”

It’s also been called one of the best Fall Foliage spots in Staten Island and one of the 15 Best Spots in NYC for Outdoor Grilling.

What Will the New Clove Lakes Trail Include?

The new trail will have:

  • A new base and sub-materials for running comfort
  • Re-grading of the existing trails, with new edging for safety
  • Clear mile markers and a start/finish line
  • Improvements in landscaping

Why Wait? Try a Clove Lakes Park Running Trail This Month

In the meantime, take caution if you’re planning a run down at Clove Lakes, as some segments of the trail will be closed. If you’re curious, you can sign up for one of the many runs taking place there in the meantime. The Staten Island Athletic Club’s 2 Mile Fun Run takes place every Saturday unless there is another race taking place. The park is hosting the Ninth Annual Arielle Newman Run on August 18th, and The 42nd Annual Marty and Tom Celic Run on September 1st. Check this site for upcoming race news.

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