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Celebrities at the NYC Marathon 2017: Famous Faces You May See

Posted by on Friday, November 3rd, 2017


You’re not the only one who has been clocking serious miles in preparation for the NYC Marathon on November 5th! Celebrities also come to town for this monumental, star-studded event each year, whether it’s to stay in shape, achieve a personal goal, or raise money for charity. Past big names to cross the finish line include Ryan Reynolds, Katie Holmes, P-Diddy, Teri Hatcher, Alicia Keys, Edward Norton, Mario Lopez, Sean Astin, Ethan Hawke, Christy Turlington, and Pam Anderson. They may be difficult to spot amid the 50,000+ racers, but if you think you spot one of these celebrities at the NYC Marathon, it probably is who you think it is!

Kevin Hart announced his “moonshot” is running “two half-marathons” in NYC.

Kevin Hart

Comedian Kevin Hart turns up at a lot of high-profile sports events, like the NBA All-Stars Game, so it’s not surprising that he plans to run the NYC Marathon this fall. Though Hart is known for the “Hustle Hart” movement involving running a series of impromptu, Nike-sponsored 5Ks while on tour, this will be his first marathon.

Karlie Kloss

American supermodel and former Victoria’s Secret Angel Karlie Kloss has signed up for her first marathon. She’s completed the Paris Half Marathon in the past, so we expect she should be well prepared. Kloss admitted on social media that she “detests” running but wants to overcome this challenge and run in support of her nonprofit girl empowerment charity Kode with Klossy.

Prince Royce

Winning 21 Latin Billboard Awards and amassing 33.5 million followers wasn’t enough for 28-year-old songwriter Prince Royce. The Bronx native wants to break four hours for his NYC Marathon debut (which you can follow using hashtag #PrinceRoyceRunsNYC). He is running to raise funds for the National Kidney Foundation and Change for Kids, a local organization that provides school supplies to public elementary students.

Richard Blais

“Top Chef” winner, cookbook author, and restaurateur Richard Blais plans to run his fifth NYC Marathon this year. Though he lives in San Diego now, Blais is a native New Yorker who looks forward to returning home for the holidays this “nostalgic” time of year. He admitted, “I grew up watching the marathon on television, eating way too many sausage biscuits while watching other people run fast.” It’s challenging to take 2-3 hours off his schedule and let the “emails pile up” while he runs, but he loves to think of food as fuel and take scenic trail courses. His personal best is 4:24, so we’ll see if he beats that time this year.

Tiki Barber

Former NY Giants running back and co-host of CBS Sports Radio Tiki Barber will be running the NYC Marathon as a Team For Kids ambassador, raising money for New York Roadrunner youth programs. In the past, he has also run for #AutismAcceptance. Barber has been running marathons since 2014, and this will mark his fourth NYC Marathon. Over the years, Barber has cut his time down from 5:14:37 to 4:28:26. It wasn’t an easy transition from the high-intensity sprinting of the NFL to long-distance marathon training, though. “My body wasn’t built to run more than 20 seconds,” he said. “The first 4–5 miler when I was training was killer.” To prepare, Barber runs four times a week, does yoga twice a week, and lifts higher reps with less weight. He has lost 20 pounds in the process.

Carole Radziwill

The Real Housewives of New York City star and former ABC journalist, Carole Radziwill, has said she could win a medal in “napping” if it were an Olympic Sport. As such, running was never her thing. “As I got into my 50’s, I didn’t feel as strong as I did in previous decades,” Radziwill told Runner’s World. “I’ve never been one to just go to the gym and exercise, so I needed a goal.” She’ll run the 26.2-mile course to raise money for the North Shore Animal League, the shelter where her two rescue cats came from.

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