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Love To Dine & Dash? Try These Weird NYC Food Runs

Posted by on Friday, March 3rd, 2017

We are blessed to live in New York City, where the food is amazing and there are ample places to run. If you like to eat in this city, you pretty much have to run to keep your physique in order! There are races every month to keep you busy. Food runs have been a popular pastime among college students who love daring each other to accomplish wacky feats. So far, there are two foodie races in NYC to choose from this — the New York City Pizza Run and the New York City Cupcake Run — and for good cause.

Imagine running two miles, while eating three slices of pizza? (Image Source:
Imagine running two miles, while eating three slices of pizza? (Image Source:

New York City Pizza Run

Can you run two miles and eat three New York City-sized slices of pizza? You’ve got half a year to train for the next NYC Pizza Run in September. The 8th annual event will take place in Manhattan’s Tompkins Square Park at 11 am.

Tickets run $50, which gets you an official race bib, a t-shirt, three slices of pizza, a tote bag, and a free drink at Double Wide Bar & Southern Kitchen (where the after-party takes place.) A portion of the proceeds going toward the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Last year, first place men and women received: free admission to Pizza Run next year, $25 gift certificates to Pizza By Cer Te, giant pizza pool floats from Big Mouth Inc, and 2 passes to Scott’s Pizza Tours. Two runners-up received $25 gift certificates to Pizza By Cer Te, $50 gift certificates to PN Pizza, and copies of Through The Fire: Cooking Our Way Into A New Relationship With Food.

New York City Cupcake Run

The fourth annual NYC Cupcake Run will take place in October at Astoria Park in Queens. The 5-K race (3.1 miles) costs $50, which gets you an official race bib, NYC Cupcake Run t-shirt, a cupcake themed gift bag, three gourmet cupcakes from Butter Lane in the East Village to consume during the race, a free drink and BBQ lunch at Rocky McBrides (where the after-party will be held.) A portion of the proceeds will be donated to New York Cares. Prizes are given out to the top finishers and runners up for men and women.

Other Bizarre Foodie Runs

According to the NY Times, New York City isn’t the only world-class food destination with a love of running. Raleigh, NC has a Krispy Kreme Donut Run that attracts 8,000 participants. Donuts seem to be a popular theme, with other donut dashes taking place in Sacramento, CA; Duluth, MN; and Circle City, IN.

Pennsylvania is a mecca for foodie runs. Runners eat half a pound of pig at the Allentown, PA Bacon 5K Challenge. Jog N’ Hog runners in Yardley, PA have their choice of eating a quart or pint of ice cream or stopping at each quarter-mile to down a beer. The Dine & Dash Burgers & Trail Race in Hamburg, PA hands out two burgers along the way.

Elsewhere in the land, racers eat a pint of ice cream while running in Burlington, VT and there is a Mac & Cheesesteak 5K in Wilmington, Delaware. Around the world, the concept of dining and dashing ranges from a simple snack of two cinnamon buns along an eight-mile course in the Canadian province of Alberta, to a more sumptuous feast of wine, cheese, oysters, steak, ham and ice cream at the Marathon du Medo in France.

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