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If you’re conducting research to find the best possible care for your foot pain, we applaud your interest in taking control of your healthcare. There are many choices for podiatric care in New York City, but if you check out review sites, you’ll see that the true professionals stand out from the crowd.

Patient Reviews

Our practice goes above and beyond with experienced doctors, kind staff, and the highest-quality care at every step of your journey with us. See what our patients have to say:

“I mentioned my foot surgery to one of the R.N.s at my Hospial. I am amazed by my doctor’s care and compassion. I am recovering well and I highly recommend this clinic to other people in need of a podiatry clinic. Thank you for your excellent care.”

– Kate Tanenbaum

“Dear Dr. Geldwert, Just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job on my toe joint replacement last year. I’m doing my 2nd half marathon in 2 weeks! You’re and excellent doctor!”

– Michelle P.

“I just wanted to thank you for helping me realize I had real issues with my heels. I was experiencing heel pain for months now, but I didn’t know this was an actual condition that’s affecting so many people. I was just pushing through the pain and hoping it would go away. And the pain was unbearable at times. Had it not been for Healing Feet and your page I would probably still be in pain. Thank you so much! I’m forever grateful!

Did you see this page by the way? I found it to be extremely helpful as well. I thought I’d send it to you in case you want to share it with other people like me who might be looking for this kind of info as well. Anyway, thanks again and I’ll keep my eye on Healing Feet pages. I obviously need to take care of my feet better.”

– Megan

“Dr. Geldwert is an expert at making Orthotics. After 25 Years I bought another pair. Expensive, but worth his expertise. He has helped me tremendously without surgery. He taught at Mt SINAI. And has an excellent background and experience. My mother and husband feel the same. He is outstanding and we are lucky to have him as one of our health providers.”

– C.S. New York, New York

“I must admit that I was initially hesitant to see a foot and ankle surgeon right out of residency. Any fears have long since been resolved. Doctor Mariola Rivera has provided exceptional care. Literally, when I came to Dr. Rivera I could not walk, and the pain so severe, it kept me awake at night, threatening my position with an orthopedic practice owned by an associate professor of orthopedic surgery at Weill-Cornell.

On Saturday, June 16, I visited Dr. Rivera for an emergent appointment, with a suspected self-diagnosis of acute gout attack on the heel (sudden onset). Not only did she prove my diagnosis completely wrong, she provided two corticosteroid injections, after which the pain was completely gone, indicating she had correctly injected the areas causing pain (there were two distinct areas that I had missed). Slowly, over the ensuing days the pain improved 90%, allowing me to continue working. The x-rays were revealing, and her recommendations for foot care and a different NSAID combined to provide exceptional and rapid relief. Several months ago, her expert care for nail fungal infection with repeat ingrown toenail has eliminated further episodes.

Doctor Rivera’s surgical skills, diagnostic acumen and expert knowledge are among the best I have ever seen in 46 years of medical practice as a PA and professional athletic trainer.”

-Russel H.

“After being in a surgical boot for five months and receiving inadequate care and misdiagnoses from other doctors, I had nearly given up hope that my foot would heal, before finding Dr. Geldwert and his Associates. The first visit with Dr. Geldwert was eye-opening, informative, and comprehensive. I knew I found the best podiatrist in the entire city, if not the region. Dr. Geldwert helped me transition out of the boot and start walking normally much sooner than I could have imagined. Thanks to Dr. Geldwert, I finally have my life back.”

– Vilma I. New York, NY

“Dear Dr. Geldwert, Just a short note to thank you for your excellent work. The new shoe inserts are working amazingly well. It’s been years since I’ve been this free of pain. I’ll stop by for another pair in early March when I’m back from South Africa.”

– A.B., New York, NY

“I’m very overdue on this review, but over a year or so ago I hobbled to this office during a snowstorm, right before they were supposed to close (all other clinics I called were having early closures). Dr. Geldwert (as well as reception and assistants) stayed late for patients. I had an ingrown toenail, originally from losing a toenail after too many half-marathons. There were a few other patients as well, and everyone was cared for despite the blizzard outside. I went from excruciating pain to total relief in under an hour and am so grateful they stayed open for me!”

– J.P., New York, NY

“Dr. Geldwert has made orthotics for my son for two years now. My son’s situation is extremely complicated since he has cerebral palsy, and each foot requires different and complex intervention. Dr. Geldwert gave compassionate and masterful attention to the issues. The results have been thrilling, with improvement in my son’s gait, comfort, and general ability to walk.

This is a doctor of the highest caliber who is also a lovely person with efficient and friendly office staff!”

– S.W., Poughquag, NY

“I know it may sound odd to say, because it’s a doctor’s office, but I love it here! I dealt with Dr. Lai mostly and she is awesome. Very pleasant, helpful, patient, caring–I can’t say enough! I had bunion surgery with her and Dr. Geldwert (who is also great!) twice and everything went smoothly. The front desk staff was also efficient and their follow-through is top notch. Janice helped me through some insurance issues, which she totally didn’t have to do, but outside of that, she is just on top of her game. It’s because of how great the whole team is that they made the whole foot surgery situation not bad at all!”

– S.B, Midwood, Brooklyn, NY

“About a week ago I made an appointment online because I was having some pain in my foot. I was very surprised when the office called me saying they would like to offer me an earlier appointment since I was in pain. I find customer service like this to be basically nonexistent within medical practices anymore. They squeezed me in for an early morning appointment. The only reason they are not receiving five stars is because they were late opening the day of my appointment. It was snowing horribly and they were very apologetic so I appreciated that. The doctor was super efficient, took X-rays in their office, taped my foot, and sent me on my way. I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for a podiatrist.”

– D.C., New York, NY

“I have been a patient of this office for 15 years (and they can’t get rid of me!). They take the time to answer all my questions. When I first went to see Dr. Geldwert, I had had surgery by another podiatrist which left me with horrible results, and I was embarrassed to show my feet. Dr. Geldwert and his associate Dr. Katherine Lai had to give me corrective foot surgery. My results were great and I wish I had found them sooner! I refer them to everyone I know that needs great, professional foot care!”

– A.L., Jackson Heights, NY

“I saw Dr. Geldwert and had major surgery on both my feet. Before the surgery, he explained every detail to me of what was going to be done, and listened to me when I told him of all my concerns. He spoke to me about what would be required post-surgically. We discussed all the pros and cons and he listened carefully–he didn’t push anything and all decisions were mine. He saw me exactly on time and spoke to me for around 20 minutes. He encouraged me to really take my time and think about everything.

In terms of surgery, he has an assistant whose job it is to ease your way through appointments, help you choose dates and times, and in general help you prepare and do all the necessary paperwork, etc. Having also had spinal surgery I can’t tell you what a huge help this is. Also, his staff is really nice, and they know me on sight.

I’m not just saying good things about Dr. Geldwert because I think he did a good job. (Although I do think that and so does my physical therapist). I brought my very anxious mother with me before the pre-op visit and he spoke to us both and re-explained to her everything so even she felt better after seeing him. We both honestly liked him and on my post-op visits I find him very personable.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Geldwert.”

– A S. Manhattan, NY

You’ll notice three common themes in The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine’s testimonials and reviews:

“Incredible Bedside Manner” – Our podiatrists are empathetic, compassionate, and kind. They will never “talk down to you” or rush you out of the office. Bring your questions and concerns to us and we will give you our very best. All patients are provided comprehensive strategies for a combination of professional therapy and self care of their food conditions.

“Friendly Staff” – Many reviewers mention our friendly, helpful, and pleasant office staff. We value all members of our team and treat our employees with respect, which trickles down to each patient interaction. Our office staff is happy to answer all your questions about insurance, out-of-pocket payment plans, or treatments we provide.

“Great Results” – Ultimately, you’re not just coming to us for a handshake and a smile. You are looking for expertise and a quick resolution to your ankle or foot pain. Reviewers have a lot to say about the top-level care we provide for conditions ranging from sports injuries to bunions.

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