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Premier League News: Is Liverpool Captain Jordan Henderson’s Plantar Fasciitis Incurable?

Posted by on Wednesday, February 10th, 2016


English footballer Jordan Henderson is known as the captain of the Premier League club Liverpool, but there is a lot of pain behind his star performances, he tells reporters. Earlier in the season, he suffered a broken metatarsal in his right foot, but it’s the plantar fasciitis diagnosis that has caused the most grief.

“It was unbearable every time I planted my foot  it was like a burning, stabbing, nerve pain,” he told the UK Telegraph. With the metatarsal injury, he knew how long he’d be out, he added, but with a chronic heel condition like plantar fasciitis, one never knows what to expect. “Even lying in bed there was pain in my foot. It is much better now, but there is always that question: is it going to come back?” he said. This type of heel pain is one of our areas of specialization here at The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine in New York City.

Soccer players are commonly afflicted by plantar fasciitis. (Image Source: Flickr User wjarrettc)
Soccer players are commonly afflicted by plantar fasciitis. (Image Source: Flickr User wjarrettc)

Is Jordan Henderson’s Plantar Fasciitis Incurable?

Jordan Henderson told reporters he’s tired of the problem with his heel that sidelined him for three months. According to one source, Henderson’s problem began after a change in footwear coupled with nonstop soccer over a five-year span. Those treating his injury believe that chronic overloading on the heel over the years has created a situation that cannot be reversed. Sometimes a person’s gait abnormalities lead to overexertion of the plantar fascia tissue, but that’s not believed to be the case for Henderson.

Doctors have told Henderson there is no medical solution for his chronic pain. The team’s medical staff consulted with the Royal Ballet, the Australia cricket team, and the Boston Red Sox in their hunt for permanent relief. Henderson also saw a specialist in New Jersey for nervous system therapy. The 25-year-old says he’s switched his focus from finding a cure to managing the day-to-day pain. Later he said the injury has been “blown out of proportion” and he doesn’t fear he’ll be in pain “for the rest of [his] career.” Instead, he reiterates, “I just need to manage it for the time being.”

Solutions for Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Some professionals have advocated continuous cortisone injections with the hope of fully rupturing the tissue to prompt more aggressive repair within the body, but no one knows for sure if that’s a viable solution. Here at our Center, we don’t advocate cortisone for conditions like plantar fasciitis or chronic tendon issues. We do, however, offer injections of platelet rich plasma and biopuncture solutions to some of our patients when conventional therapies fail to resolve pain and inflammation.

Other treatments Jordan Henderson has received include:

  • Rest periods
  • Taping the heel
  • Nerve blocks during games
  • Changes in footwear

Our primary treatment typically involves stretching, strengthening, and exercising drills conducted by our experienced sports medicine staff. We work with active New Yorkers, as well as elite athletes from our home state and beyond. Often, strengthening areas like the calf muscles relieves pressure from the plantar fascia which reduces pain. Thanks to physiotherapy, Henderson says he’s “at a point where [he] can function” and return to competing in games.

Heel Pain Treatment in NYC

If you have heel pain in NYC, The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine is your best shot at recovery. We don’t believe in such a thing as “incurable plantar fasciitis.” We’ve seen many hopeless cases turn around with our combination approach to treatment. We’re fully equipped with the latest technology, including ultrasound, laser, shockwave therapy, custom orthotics, and platelet rich plasma centrifuges. Our primary goal is to put an end to your intense pain. Next we look at underlying contributing factors like footwear or gait abnormalities to find a long term solution. Our physical therapy team guides athletes through long-term recovery programs that preserve strength, range of motion, and skill. We also have experienced board-certified podiatric surgeons on staff for worst case scenarios. Contact us to schedule an appointment.



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