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Ditch That Limp: Seven Amazing Ways Foot Orthotics Can Relieve Your Knee Pain

Posted by on Friday, August 30th, 2013


Tired of gimping around town? Well, shoe orthotics just may be in the cards for you, then! Many of the clients who come to our NYC podiatric center imagine that they’ll need surgery to address their knee pain, but are surprised to find that something so simple can alleviate their troubles within just a few weeks. We can make a cast of your feet right here in our office and have a pair of custom orthotics made just for you that can be removed and put in almost any shoes you own. From there on out, it’s pain-free walking!

What Are Orthotics?

Foot orthotics are a shoe insert that provides added arch and heel support. Molded from a strong, durable leather, this custom insole changes the biomechanics of the foot and corrects alignment all the way up through your knee, back muscles and spine. There are over-the-counter insoles made by Dr. Scholls, but those are not made to fit your unique footprint. A good pair of orthotics can last you five to ten years. Every two years, a cobbler can refurbish them for a small price. Your insurance will likely pick up at least half the tab.

How Orthotics Can Help Your Knee Pain

– Orthotics evenly distribute the weight on the bottom of your feet, which changes the distribution of force all the way to your knee. In  other words, your knees take less of a pounding!

– Orthotics are made of shock-absorbing material that further reduces the stress of the hard ground on your knees.

– Orthotics control excessive pronation if your feet have a tendency to roll inward as you walk or run. Overpronation causes a rotation that goes all the way up through your knee and even to your back.

– Orthotics can correct biomechanical or structural instability in your feet and ankles to prevent knee pain.

– Orthotics limit the amount of motion your feet make with each step, which reduces wear and tear on your joints.

– Orthotics promotes proper form when walking, which reduces inflammation and irritation.

– Orthotics align the foot properly at the ankle joint to prevent supination (when the ankle rolls away from the foot). This helps wearers prevent calluses and blisters, not to mention improve stability in the knee.

What Orthotics Can’t Do…

Orthotics are not a cure-all for every type of condition. We find it doesn’t really help treat osteoarthritis of the knee or knee cartilage degeneration very well, for example. Severe, acute pain can be treated in many other ways and we usually do not recommend orthotics until the immediate symptoms are relieved. If you’re curious about orthotics in NY, please call our office for a consultation.


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