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AmnioFix: A New Product For Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Posted by on Monday, March 20th, 2017

Looking for a plantar fasciitis treatment that’s on the cutting edge of science? Wonder how professional athletes rebound from chronic pain and get back into the game so fast? AmnioFix® by MiMedx is a NYC sports medicine doctor’s “secret weapon.” We offer this revolutionary product to patients at our White Plains and Manhattan offices, particularly those who are experiencing slow healing of the plantar fascia tissue.

What is AmnioFix?

AmnioFix is a human-derived “composite amniotic tissue membrane” that comes from healthy mothers who have undergone cesarean sections. The donated tissue has been cleaned, dehydrated and sterilized. We blend the dehydrated product with sterile saline in our clinic to create a solution that has amazing healing capabilities.

Once implanted into the injury site using an ultrasound-guided injection, the natural amniotic tissue modulates inflammation, enhances healing factors and reduces scar tissue formation. You could say that this injection is like “an espresso shot for the cells,” making them work harder to repair damage. With this treatment, it is possible to make old cells act young again!

What Does Research Say About the Effectiveness of AmnioFix?

A study published in the journal Foot & Ankle International found that a single injection of AmnioFix yielded “significant improvement” in plantar fasciitis symptoms and “increased function” within one week of therapy. Over the course of the eight-week trial, the patients continued to exhibit improvements in terms of pain levels and function.

Conservative plantar fasciitis treatments have shown success rates ranging from 46-100% success. About 25% of those treated for heel pain will go on to suffer from chronic and debilitating pain. Incredibly, “100% of patients treated with single-dose injection [of AmnioFix] had pain reduction by week 2, and maintained effect over 4 months,” according to a literature review that was performed by Dr. Myron H. Hansen and Dr. J. Joseph Anderson of the American Foundation of Lower Extremity Surgery and Research.

Similar findings have been presented in the Journal of Sports Medicine regarding the usage of amniotic tissue for the treatment of plantar fasciitis. After treating 44 patients with severe, chronic heel pain, researchers concluded that, “Amniotic allografts create the appropriate environment needed to promote tissue repair and healing in complex soft-tissue disorders such as plantar fasciosis and Achilles tendinosis.”

Additional clinical trials are now underway to satisfy the FDA’s rigorous standards for a Biologics License Application (BLA). Since AmnioFix is a human-derived product, it does not require a BLA in order to be sold and utilized. However, FDA approval would significantly increase the product’s competitiveness on the market, possibly making the treatment  eligible for Medicare and insurance coverage in the future.

AmnioFix is Safe and Affordable

To date, more than 100,000 patients have been injected with AmnioFix. There have been no reports of medical complications or serious side effects. Patients may experience some mild discomfort around the injection site for up to three days, but this is easily managed with ice and elevation to reduce any swelling that arises.

The injection is covered by insurance. Patients simply pay directly for the AmnioFix material itself. Treatment typically costs under $1,000, which is much cheaper than surgery. This treatment option does carry some benefits over surgery, as there is a very minimal risk of infection, there is no risk of delayed wound healing and there is essentially no downtime.

A NYC Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Success Story

A 50-year-old retired police officer who was treated at our clinic had endured the full routine of immobilization and physical therapy elsewhere before coming to see our Manhattan foot and ankle specialists. He was about to give up hope of enjoying his golden years mobile and pain-free, but much to his surprise, he was fully healed within three months of undergoing the AmnioFix therapy.

We do not own shares in the company, nor are we compensated to promote MiMedx products. Our NYC podiatrists are simply happy to offer our patients one of many innovative therapies designed to harness the body’s natural healing abilities and regenerate tissue faster and more efficiently than we ever thought possible. Don’t suffer through disability related to your foot pain! Come see us in our Manhattan or White Plains offices for the best possible care. We invite you to schedule an appointment online with The Center for Podiatric Care & Sports Medicine.

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