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Gymnastics and Foot Injuries

We help restore balance and mobility for New York gymnasts

Gymnasts make extraordinary feats look effortless, but the truth is those flips, twists and turns take their toll on athletes in the form of foot and ankle injuries. They may suffer from sudden traumatic “pops” in soft tissue and bone, or chronic, nagging overuse injuries that result in tissue tears, inflammation, and even ruptures.

Balance Beam

The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine is fully equipped with x-ray and ultrasound machines to accurately diagnose your gymnastics injury and identify the full extent of the damage. From there, we develop a personalized treatment plan that takes into consideration your medical history, lifestyle, preferences, and budget.

Conditions We Treat for NYC Gymnasts

Common gymnastic sports injuries we treat in our Manhattan and Westchester offices include:

Our three experienced sports medicine doctors will treat your injury using the latest therapies for foot and ankle injuries related to gymnastics.

Natural Healing & Pain Relief: Dr. Katherine Lai specializes in holistic treatment options such as biopuncture and laser pain therapy. We offer Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy, custom orthotics, and shockwave therapy. We can refer you to an experienced, licensed physical therapist if your condition can benefit from this therapy. Treatment typically begins with the least invasive, most affordable methods including immobilization and rehabilitation.

Surgery: In the worst case scenario, we may recommend surgery at Beth Israel, Mt. Sinai, or White Plains Hospital. Our three skilled surgeons have Doctorates in Podiatric Medicine and are board-certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery. Ongoing training ensures that our surgeons are up-to-date in the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Tips For Preventing Gymnastic Sports Injuries

Naturally, prevention is the best cure for sports injuries in NYC gymnasts. To avoid injury, you should:

  • Learn the proper way to stretch especially the plantar fascias and Achilles tendons.
  • Know when to give your feet a break and how to train without overtaxing yourself.
  • Follow a diet that minimizes the risk of bone fractures.
  • Wear the right apparatus, vault, and balance beam shoes.
  • Know how to tape your feet to improve stability when practicing barefoot.

We are happy to discuss the finer points of these recommendations one-on-one with you.

Don’t Practice Through Pain Without Calling Us!

Here at The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine, our sports medicine professionals truly feel your pain. We know how hard it is to physically practice with a serious injury, but also how emotionally challenging it is to miss competing for an extended period of time. We use the latest technologies and advanced therapies to get you flipping and flying through the air again as quickly as possible, while also minimizing the risk of future injury.

The last thing you want is your career or passion cut short due to a frustrating series of re-injuries. This is all too common among gymnastic athletes. Let our experienced sports medicine specialists bring you back to your full-strength competitive self. We accept most major insurance plans at our facilities in Manhattan and White Plains, NY. Click here to book your appointment online.