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When Being a Traveling Salesman Hurts!

Posted by on Monday, December 24th, 2012


For traveling sales people, navigating airports is just part of the job. But if you’ve got a foot injury, like a sprained ankle, an ingrown toenail, or nagging bunions; or if you’re diabetic and suffer from neuropathy or peripheral vascular disease (increasingly common conditions); you may find yourself dreading travel day (which for you, may be every day). Add your fashionable work-ready heels to the mix and an endless terminal with no walkways and, well… it’s okay to cry. Here are some tips for making the experience easier on your poor, injured feet.



If you’re always late, change your ways, just this once. I’m known for many things: my winning personality, my wry wit, and my velvet cupcakes, to name just a few. Unfortunately, punctuality isn’t on my list of personal attributes. Add at least an hour into your schedule, more if you’re carrying heavy or unwieldy merchandise. Missing your plane means missed sales, something most traveling sales people just can’t afford.

Travel with a burly companion and plan ahead. If you’re lucky enough to have a colleague as a travel companion, avail yourself of his offer to carry your bags. Barring that, reduce your travel-day stress by planning assistance ahead of time. Remember to plan for your merchandise too. A wheelchair may not accommodate heavy baggage.



Use crutches or a wheelchair (or, get a piggy back ride, for that matter). Most airports have wheelchairs you can use for free (or for a small fee). If you’ve never used one on your own, having someone to push you will make things a whole lot easier. Again, having extra time is critical. Trying to rush may send you spinning into the hot dog stand! Check your sales kit instead of carrying it with you. It may mean extra baggage fees but it will save you a fortune in headaches.

There’s no shame in riding on those golf cart things. I always thought they were for old people but now I have a whole new respect. If you’re struggling, ask for help. A short ride zipping past the poor walking masses with your sales kit perched by your side might really brighten your mood. And please, before you go anywhere, visit a podiatrist at The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine (212.996.1900). If you’ve got a serious problem that needs treatment, it’s better to find out before you leave town.


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