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Happy Holidays and Happy Feet: 5 Gift Suggestions to Relieve Foot Pain

Posted by on Monday, December 9th, 2013


The holidays are definitely here. You know how I can tell? It’s not the carols on the radio, or the lights strung up in stores. It’s that telltale twinge of pain in my overworked feet at the end of the day. After all, the holidays take a real toll on our feet. After days of storming the malls and standing in long checkout lines, or climbing ladders while decorating and cooking holiday dinner for my family members, my feet are ready for a break. The American Podiatric Medical Association says that eight out of 10 American adults experience foot pain due to uncomfortable shoes, and all the extra activities of the holiday season certainly aren’t doing us any favors.

“Sore feet can really dampen your holiday spirit,” says Brendan Leonard of Health Enterprises, the manufacturer of therapeutic foot care products. Giving a foot-friendly gift this holiday season can be the perfect present for just about any busy person on your Christmas list. I know I’d certainly be happy to find any of these in my stocking this year!

foot gifts
Give the gift of a relaxing pedicure or spa products to show you care about comfort this holiday season. Image Source:

Acu-Life Therapeutic Foot Massager

This product has earned the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance. The massager is designed to soothe aching arches. It’s made of a hollow tube that can be filled with hot or cold water and knobs that can be adjusted for added relief.

Sockwell Compression Socks

As we mentioned in our pregnancy pain blog, compression socks squeeze the leg muscles to improve circulation and reduce swelling. These socks are ideal for nurses, frequent travelers, athletes, diabetics, people with varicose veins, and edema sufferers in particular.

Insolia High Heel Inserts

Do you know someone who just can’t stand to part with her high heels? The Insolia high heel inserts improve comfort by shifting a person’s weight from the ball of the foot to the heel. The APMA recommends this product and we find it’s especially helpful in preventing metatarsalgia nerve pain.

Padded high heel inserts can relieve a lot of pressure focused on the ball of your foot.
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Smart Step Anti-Fatigue Mat

Anti-fatigue mats are a dish washer’s best friend. They’re ideal for people who spend a lot of time standing, chopping, and preparing in the kitchen, but hairdressers, cashiers, and hobbyists who stand at a work bench for extended periods of time can also benefit from added padding to ease the burden on their feet.

HoMedics Shiatsu Foot Massager 

For double the price of the smaller manual massager we mentioned, you can get an electronic foot massager that uses heat and 12 different massage patterns to soothe tired, achy feet. These machines can’t take the place of a professional massage at a spa, but they are an affordable way to add a bit of pampering to each work day.

Other Foot Friendly Presents & Foot Pain Gifts

You can treat your loved one to a pedicure with a gift card to a local spa. Professional pedicures range from an inexpensive trim and polish to longer foot and leg massages, or paraffin wax skin softening treatments. Everyone from your sister to your grandmother would love this thoughtful gift. There are even pedicures specially designed for men.

Since three quarters of Americans suffer from dry, rough, cracked skin, investing in a soothing serum for a loved one isn’t such a bad idea. Popular brands include Burt’s Bees, L’Occitane, and The Body Shop. If you want “the ultimate,” proven foot moisturizers, look for brands with the APMA seal of acceptance, such as: AmLactin, Flexitol, HealthiFeet, Kerasal, Natralia and Pedigenix.

You may not be able to cure all your loved one’s foot woes, but a foot-friendly gift shows you are compassionate and helpful. Few of us invest in pampering products for ourselves, but they arrive as much-appreciated presents. Feel free to share suggestions on foot-friendly gifts you’ve given or received in the past. I just may indulge in a few of them myself!


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