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Beating NYC Foot Pain With Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care

Posted by on Friday, February 12th, 2016


The experts at The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine in New York City find that “the cure” for chronic foot pain conditions rarely boils down to one magical therapy. Rather, we employ a combination approach that attacks pain on all fronts. “We not only treat the systems that trigger acute pain symptoms for immediate relief, but we also look at the underlying problems leading up to foot problems,” explains Dr. Josef J. Geldwert, the center’s chief podiatrist. “A primary care doctor can prescribe a pill that you can pop at home to mask the pain, but true experts have advanced tools at their disposal to give you a larger picture of your foot and ankle health. We take the time and give you the care you need that will guide you to lasting wellness.”

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Who says physical therapy for NYC foot pain can’t be fun? We have all sorts of tools from balance boards to gait analysis treadmills to diagnose and treat the root cause of your pain. (Image Source:

What Can Our NYC Physical Therapy Do for Foot Pain?

The primary goal of physical therapy is to identify and address the source of the problem. Sometimes weakness or injury in the hips, knees, calf muscles, or spinal alignment causes imbalances all the way down to the feet. Likewise, problems with the feet can cause pain and injury all the way up the chain. Physical therapy’s hands-on techniques, stretching, and strength training can bring the joints and soft tissues into a more normal, balanced state to offload pressure from the areas that hurt you.

So why choose The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine for your foot pain care specialists? First off, we’re not just “physical therapists.” Our Manhattan and Westchester office staffs a full rehabilitation team that includes sports medicine doctors, podiatrists, and podiatric surgeons. Our professionals have logged many, many hours of residency training and clinical practice in foot and ankle anatomy specifically, in addition to learning about the entire musculoskeletal system.

Second, we are equipped to provide pain relief through the latest technology like cryotherapy, ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation, biopuncture solution or platelet rich plasma injections, ultrasonic debridement, hyperbaric oxygen, cortisone, or lasers. Not every facility has all the tools of the trade necessary to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes for faster results.

Once your acute pain is taken care of, we’ll look at ways to correct foot abnormalities that cause pain to return. We can run a few tests in our computerized gait analysis center to identify misalignment or areas of extreme pressure. We can scan your feet and mold custom orthotics to the unique shape of your foot that slip into any pair of shoes you own to restore natural biomechanics in your gait cycle.

You just don’t find this level of care at any old doctor’s office.

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Physical Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis

Physical therapy can help acute injury rehabilitation or chronic foot conditions like plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis  otherwise known as heel pain  has been called “the classic injury of motherhood,” commonly sustained by women who are on their feet all day long. “You can’t stretch the fascia,” explains Michele Amini, a physical therapist in Annapolis, Maryland. “So you have to go back up and stretch your calf and your hamstring.”

In our NYC market, we see a lot of amateur and professional athletes who have injured the plantar fascia through overuse and intense activity, but like Michele in Annapolis, we also see a lot of women who have hurt their feet in the everyday course of life. For some patients, it could take up to a year for particularly stubborn cases to resolve, but our NYC foot care experts have aggressive physical therapy programs that yield much quicker results.

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Combining Physical Therapy with Chiropractic Care

While our centers offer nearly every type of treatment you could need, you may find additional benefits from combining our services with that of a chiropractor. “A chiropractor for the feet,” you ask? Here are several ways chiropractic care can complement physical therapy and podiatric treatment:

  • A chiropractor can make adjustments to the foot that relax the ligaments and tendons to reduce inflammation and pain.
  • A chiropractor can work on other areas of the body that have caused gait abnormalities that place too much stress on the feet.
  • A chiropractor can show you additional exercises and stretches you can perform at home to rehabilitate yourself.
  • A chiropractor specializes in natural methods of healing for less invasive pain management and increased mobility.

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Do You Have Questions About NYC Foot Pain Therapy?

“Physical therapy isn’t a quick solution or cure-all for every type of foot problem,” explains Dr. Geldwert. “We assess each individual on a case-by-case basis to see if physical therapy holds benefits. For many of our patients, physical therapy is an essential part of treatment and something they look forward to each week, as it provides an additional level of care and emotional support during the long healing process.”

Contact The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine to have all your foot pain questions answered. We look forward to meeting you!


If you have any foot problems or pain, contact The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports MedicineDr. Josef J. GeldwertDr. Katherine Lai, Dr. Ryan Minara and Dr. Mariola Rivera have helped thousands of people get back on their feet. Unfortunately, we cannot give diagnoses or treatment advice online. Please make an appointment to see us if you live in the NY metropolitan area or seek out a podiatrist in your area.