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They’re a Shoe-In! 5 Exciting Holiday Gifts for Feet

Posted by on Wednesday, December 12th, 2012


If you’re anything like me, you love feet! They do so much for us and we really put them through their paces… literally. Inspire your loved ones to pamper their feet with these cute, creative, and useful holiday gift ideas. Enjoy!

1. An hour-long foot massage is more decadent than a life-sized gingerbread cookie. A foot massage is one of life’s great pleasures. Whether or not you believe in the very unscientific reflexology (the idea that pressure points on the feet affect other parts of the body), feet can get plenty tense, especially after a long hard year of pounding the pavement. I had my first professional massage a few months ago and it was the first time in ages that I felt truly and completely relaxed. Most spas offer foot massage and gift certificates for your choice of treatments, from scrubs and soaks to deep tissue massage.



2. Mini footprint DIY projects for grandparents are a win-win. If you have little tots who love their grandparents, you can set up a fun DIY project at home to make some personal, adorable gifts. Dip your child’s feet in white paint then have them step on paper. You can create a cute holiday-themed picture by making the footprints into little snowmen (the heels work well as the heads) or frame the footprint with a pretty label like in the image above.



3. These aren’t your grandma’s socks! Get your friend or relative a collection of fun, cozy socks. This is a useful present masquerading as a happy-go-lucky holiday gift. Socks are incredibly important for protecting the feet. They keep feet dry, staving off fungal infection, and cushion skin, preventing blisters. If you’re getting gifts for an athlete, the Nike Drymax line offers a wide variety of options for all sorts of conditions. They’ve got trail running socks, socks for super hot and cold weather, and socks for a variety of sports.



4. If you can steal a shoe for exact measurements, buying shoes is a great gift. Otherwise, not so much. As you’ve probably learned from reading this blog, finding the perfect shoes can be a real challenge, especially for people with injuries or with pronated/supinated feet. So steer clear of shoes if you don’t know details. But, if you are privy to the particulars of your loved one’s feet, shoes are exciting gifts. I usually steal one of my husband’s running shoes before I go shopping and challenge the store clerk to find me a perfect match width, length, and support-wise. I’m also always careful to get a receipt so my husband can return them if they aren’t perfect.



5. If you’re crafty, make some homemade foot salts, lathers, moisturizers, and powders. If you aren’t, put together a foot-spa-in-a-bag: a selection of luxurious foot products for your loved one. Look for eco friendly creams, soaps, and scrubs and do a little something nice for the environment while you’re at it. Happy holidays!


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