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Ten Reasons to Stash Those Stilettos

Posted by on Monday, January 30th, 2012

There is no denying that stilettos are seductive, but limping, catching your heel in grates, and suffering, is not sexy. Think outside the shoebox. Replace those high heels and stilettos with other trendy choices. Dance, run barefoot, swim, give your feet a well deserved vacation.
  1. They are called stilettos for a reason. Named after the long, pointy knife, these shoes are the hired assassins of feet. They kill, or at the very least, cause you some serious pain. Wearing heels causes Metatarsalgia. This results in pain to the metatarsal region, which is the ball of the foot at the base of the toes. Morton’s neuroma causes pain and thickening between the toes. This injury to the nerve is another result of wearing high heels.
  2. High heels look lovely in the short term, but make your feet ugly in the long run. Bunions are a swollen bump at the base of the big toe. You may need  surgery to correct bunions, and you won’t be wearing heels for a long time. Wearing shoes that are too tight or too high causes Hammertoe. Your toe will be bent in the shape of a hammer, causing pain and affecting the way you walk.
  3. If you insist on wearing heels, stock up on bandages, blister and corn pads, and callus removers. You’ll need them. Or save all the money you would spend on designer heels and foot treatments, and show off a cool pedicure with a pair of flat sandals.
  4. It is romantic to wander around Paris with your significant other, wearing a flirty dress and pretty high heels, until you have to walk across the cobblestones. Make sure your travel insurance covers sprained or broken ankles.

5. You are 5’8 and your guy is 5’9. Do the math. When you put on 5 inch heels, you will be 4 inches taller than him. Maybe he doesn’t mind. Maybe.

6. It’s true that men like stilettos, but unless a man has a special thing for feet, he probably doesn’t notice your shoes as much as you think. According to an article published in The Telegraph, September 2010, researchers at Northumberland  University discovered that men don’t notice whether women wear high heels when they walk. Wear a low cut dress and he won’t notice your ballet flats. Just saying.

7. If that last item sounded too sexist, consider this: climbing the corporate ladder is a lot easier when wearing sensible shoes. When you put on that power suit, you ruin the effect when you encase your feet in shoes that bind. Feminists didn’t fight for our rights so that we could look weak. HR professionals advise wearing a low heeled, closed toe shoe to a job interview.

8. Have you ever been to a wedding where women take off their shoes and dance in their stocking feet? Do you take a pair of flats with you when you know you are going to have to remove your heels during the evening? Why not wear flats to start with? Ballet slippers, bejeweled sandals, and Mary Janes, are always stylish.

9. High heels cause back pain, and holding your back just makes you look older.

10. You can’t run away from danger in heels. Sure you can stab someone with your stilettos, but a pair of motorcycle or combat boots make you look like someone not to be messed with.


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