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Taking Care of Kids’ Feet: The Importance of Pediatric Orthotics

Posted by on Friday, July 18th, 2014


Every podiatrist has that one thing they are particularly passionate about. For Dr. Nadia Levy of The Center For Podiatric Care & Sports Medicine, it’s pediatric orthotics. This year, we are pleased to celebrate the birth of Dr. Levy’s son, Aidan. As a podiatrist and mother, Dr. Levy has a unique perspective on custom inserts for children’s shoes, which she shares here.

prevent foot pain
Custom orthotics can be a tremendous asset for young feet.

Which Conditions Can Orthotics Treat in Children?

“Orthotics in pediatric patients help prevent injuries during the formative and most active years,” says Dr. Levy. “The goal is to minimize issues as an adult.” She adds that there are many conditions orthotics can treat in developing feet, including:

Flat feet

– Heel pain

– Great toe joint pain

– Very high arches

Juvenile bunions

Much research has been conducted demonstrating the validity of orthotic use in children with Cerebral Palsy, Sever’s Disease, and Down Syndrome.

How & When Do You Know if Your Child Needs Pediatric Orthotics?

There are several reasons you may inquire about child orthotics:

Pain: If your child says, “Mommy, my feet hurt,” then please bring them in! Foot pain — in children and in adults — is not normal, no matter how active a person is. Orthotics are a safe and non-invasive option for children.

– Instability: “Children who seem clumsy or unstable, or who do not seem to be performing athletically to their usual level, may benefit from intervention with orthotics,” says Dr. Levy. “Once they start playing sports, running, and becoming more active, you may notice discrepancies in how they move, compared to their peers.”

The Center for Podiatric Care & Sports Medicine Helps Young Athletes with Orthotics

Recently, a 14-year-old athlete came to us complaining of pain while playing soccer. His arches would ache terribly and he was having problems with blisters under the great toe joint area. We fitted him with custom-made orthotics and his mother states he no longer has the foot issues. Now he can focus on playing and having fun with his teammates. Our doctors love having the ability to make such a simple recommendation that can fundamentally change a young person’s life before invasive interventions like surgery are the only option.

Prevention Is the Best Treatment, Say New York Podiatrists

ny podiatrist
Dr. Nadia Levy takes great pride in treating pediatric patients with noninvasive methods that will prevent future foot problems.


“As a parent, the moment your child is born, you worry,” Dr. Levy shares. “You worry about their health, about the impact of what you do now on their later years, about making their lives the best they can be in this difficult world. All I can say is, there may not be a serious problem now, but if you have a doubt, it is worth paying us a visit for an evaluation, to ease the worry.”

She adds that prevention is the best treatment. Dr. Levy pays great attention to what shoes her son is wearing and plans to put him into custom orthotics as soon as possible to add extra stability to his footwear. “As a podiatrist, I know what can happen to feet over time, and I intend to do everything I can to prevent it,” she says.

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