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Foot Care Tips For Valentine’s Day: Secrets for Sexy Feet

Posted by on Friday, February 9th, 2018


Are your feet ready for romance? It’s easy to overlook the body part we’re always hiding away in shoes and socks, but when passions ignite, you don’t want to be distracted by insecurities about cracked heels, stinky Limburger feet, or jagged, yellow toenails. As Valentine’s Day draws near, we feel your desire to get any foot issues dealt with swiftly before your dinner date commences. Our NYC podiatrists recommend these foot care tips for sexy Valentine’s Day feet.

Sexy Valentine's Day Feet
Find out how to get sexy Valentine’s Day feet to prepare for your date. Image Source: Unsplash user Adriana Velásquez.

Step 1: Assess Your Valentine’s Day Foot Situation

Your beloved may profess to love you from head to toe, but why risk it with unattractive feet? Worrying about being exposed can certainly spoil the night. Take a look at your feet to determine the trouble spots. Do you have cracked heels, corns, or calluses? Are your nails discolored or in need of a trim? Are the tops of your feet dry? Has foot odor been a problem for you in the past? These are all things you can take steps to fix right now. 

Step 2: Hit Up LUSH or Sephora

We can walk to the LUSH store at 206A East 86th Street from our Manhattan office in five minutes. However, if you’re a bit farther away, there are at least six other locations scattered across the borough and LUSH shops all across the United States. You can buy foot care products at any retailer of your choosing, of course, but LUSH is a fun place to shop because the products are natural and whimsical. You really go home excited for your pampering session rather than feeling like you’ve just completed a chore. Here’s what you may want to consider picking up in preparation for your Valentine’s Day activities:

  •  Foot Soak And Fancy Free: Drop into a basin of water for an Epsom salt, sea salt, and Irish moss powder soak.
  • Volcano: Harness the power of pumice and smoothing kaolin clay with a mask that removes dirt and dry skin.
  • Pumice Power: Refresh and rejuvenate cracked heels with pumice powder and brightening sweet orange oil.
  • Go Faster FeetSofty, and Pink Peppermint: Choose your favorite foot lotions to moisturize with cocoa butter.
  • T For ToesSoak up excess moisture and eliminate foot odor with horsetail herb, tea tree, and lime oil.

Sephora is another jackpot of luxurious foot care products. The closest Sephora to our office is located at 750 Lexington. You can try:

You may also want to visits stores such as Wal-Mart, Rite Aid, or Ulta Beauty for a good foot file. The most important thing is to look for products that will make your feet feel their best.

Step 3: Indulge Yourself With a Pedicure at Home

Awaken tired, dry skin with a full body or foot bath. Adding your favorite aromatherapy product will help invigorate your senses and allow the stress to melt away. Epsom salts are great for soaking and detoxing the body. After the bath, dry your feet thoroughly with a towel and proceed to file away the hardened skin with a foot file or express pedi. Next, a foot mask will brighten and refresh your feet. Follow up that treatment with a softening heel cream to fix the most stubborn spots. Use a deodorizing foot spray or powder to make sure odor does not become an issue as the night progresses.

Don’t forget to clip your nails straight across and apply your paint of choice. The best paint job includes a base coat, a color coat, and two layers of top coat. If you notice discoloration, buff the top of the nail and consider a product like Xenna’s NonyX Nail Gel, which removes keratin debris.

Step 4: Step Out With Confidence

If there is ever a day to go all-out on beautifying your feet, it’s Valentine’s Day. Establishing a routine now will help you keep your feet in tip-top shape so you can hit the beach and stride into sandal season with confidence. You may even be able to wear your favorite pair of Stilettos without wrecking your feet by making a few simple modifications using drugstore products. Of course, you can also pick up a pair of shoes like Kenneth Cole’s Gentle Souls for a comfortable evening that doesn’t skimp on high fashion.

Next Steps: Foot Care Beyond Valentine’s Day

Of course, there are some foot insecurities and issues that can’t be so quickly resolved. If you’ve been frowning at a bunion, suffering with a plantar wart, or worrying over toenail fungus, then 2018 is your year to finally solve these problems. Book a consultation with a foot specialist at The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine to get professional help fixing any foot problems you are struggling with. We can also offer tips for more general foot care and preventative measures. For more information, contact us today.


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