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A Runner’s Story: Marc Mendoza

Posted by on Wednesday, May 16th, 2012


Today’s interview–he calls his blog The Average Marathoner, but we think Marc Mendoza is way above average!  Let’s find out how he runs:

Healing Feet: How long have you been running?
Marc Mendoza: Since September 2005

HF: How do you motivate yourself?
MM: When I first started, my motivation was to get into better shape.  Over time, running has become a habit so not running feels uncomfortable.

HF: Do you have any foot care or footwear secrets to share?
MM: The most important thing is to get properly fit for the correct running shoes.  Not doing this leads to all types of problems.  Besides the right shoe, I use Injinji running socks which have saved me from many a blister and from shedding toenails.

HF: What is your strategy for preparing for races and marathons?
MM: I choose the a plan well in advance and get some base mileage in in the weeks leading into the plan start date.  Then I gauge my realistic pace and work from there.

HF: Has your health improved in any noticeable way since you started running?
MM: Absolutely! Before running, I was overweight and would easily get out of breath.  Since, I’ve learned to eat better and made a healthy lifestyle a habit.  I’ve been able to run 5 marathons and 9 half marathons in the past 6 and a half years and feel younger and more vibrant than before I became a runner.

HF: Do you have any health/nutrition tips to share?
MM: Set small goals. Don’t try to change everything all at once.  An example would be to replace one of your unhealthy snacks with a healthy one.  Once you are comfortable with that, move on to another easy change, and so on.

HF: What is the #1 secret that you feel every runner should know?
MM: Listen to your body. Once you master listening to what your body is telling you, you can begin to avoid injuries and truly enjoy running.  You’ll need to know the difference between normal aches and pains the result in doing new exercises and pain from an impending injury.  SO take things slowly at first and listen to your body carefully.

We should all listen to our bodies and listen to Marc–actually listen, with his Average Marathoner podcast. Then for more great tips, read his blog and follow him on Twitter @avg_262.


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