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A Runner’s Story: Kevin Lu

Posted by on Friday, April 27th, 2012


We’re happy to have had a chance to talk to Kevin Lu, runner, engineer, and all-around science fan. He blogs about long distance running at Beyond Distance and is also the tech columnist at iRunnerblog.

Healing Feet: How long have you been running?
Kevin Lu: The first time I laced up and went for a run was in August of 2009. It was one mile long – but I could not run the whole mile without stopping to catch my breath. I have been running since then.

HF: How do you motivate yourself?
KL: I read news articles and books about running frequently. Signing up for races and having realistic goals are also helpful. The biggest motivation for me, however, is the running community. Making friends and sharing with fellow runners keep me going.

HF: Do you have any foot care or footwear secrets to share?
KL: Although different shoes work differently for everyone, I believe it’s not necessary to buy the most expensive shoes. In addition, I suggest investing in some running socks made with technical material (nylon) to prevent blisters.

HF: What is your strategy for preparing for races and marathons?
KL: In race preparation, I often stress training specificity. In other words, I find it most helpful to spend as much time as I can running in an environment (weather, elevation, terrain, etc.) similar to that of race day.

HF: Has your health improved in any noticeable way since you started running?
KL: Absolutely. Running allows me to maintain my weight and stay light. Endurance training also has expanded my energy reservoir drastically. The best part is that I can transfer all these benefits to other aspects of my life – be it for work or leisure.

HF: Do you have any health/nutrition tips to share?
KL: I believe in moderation and balance. Having a well-rounded diet or lifestyle is a key to improve performance and stay healthy.

HF: What is the #1 secret that you feel every runner should know?
KL: Be consistent yet allow flexibility in running. Besides that, the biggest secret is that there’s really no other secret.

Great advice from Kevin, especially about the importance of running socks! Never neglect socks! For more helpful ideas about running, read Kevin’s work at Beyond Distance, as well as his tech column at iRunnerblog, and follow him on Twitter @SweatEngine.

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