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A Runner’s Story: Grace

Posted by on Friday, May 11th, 2012


Today we have a great interview with Grace, a twenty-something professional whose blog details her amazing variety of running activities, cross-training workouts, and other fun stuff.

Healing Feet: How long have you been running?
Grace: I’ve been running since I was twelve. I was a sprinter and jumper on my middle school track team. My older brother was a bit of a track star in high school, and I really looked up to him. He laced up his sneakers, so I followed suit. Kind of makes you wonder what would have happened if he played football!

HF: How do you motivate yourself?
Grace: Motivating myself comes in two forms — getting other people involved, and keeping track of my progress. When I ask friends to join me on runs and when I blog about my goals for the week, I wind up being more likely to follow up on what I said I would do. You don’t want to let people down! Keeping track of my progress is also motivational — there’s something very satisfying (and yes, nerdy) about being able to check off an Excel spreadsheet box after you’ve finished your run for the day.

HF: Do you have any foot care or footwear secrets to share?
Grace: Socks are important. I recently got rid of any old socks I had that would slip down into my shoe while running. Nobody likes stopping and tugging on socks mid-run. On that note, nobody likes stopping in the middle of a race to re-tie shoelaces either, so make sure you always double-knot!

HF: What is your strategy for preparing for races and marathons?
Grace: What I do two nights before a race is always more important to me than what I do the night before the race. My coaches used to call this “critical night.” Sleep well, hydrate well, and eat well TWO days before a race. Even if none of those three things happen the night before a race, I’m not too concerned.

HF: Has your health improved in any noticeable way since you started running?
Grace: Given that I’ve been running since I was a child, I haven’t honestly seen any overall changes in my health. However, I can definitely attest to the “mental health” boost I get from any run on any given day. On days where I run — even if it’s not the best run in the world — I’m fresher, more ready to tackle my to-do list, more smiley, more happy. I can’t argue with that.

HF: Do you have any health/nutrition tips to share?
Grace: Everything in moderation. I’m not a healthy living blogger, per se. I love foods that are terrible in nutrition and awful for your overall health (fries, ice cream, beers, fried chicken). I also love foods that are amazing for your health (every vegetable under the sun, and fruits galore). The point is, I feel like it’s completely acceptable to want fries from time to time (or all the time). Have them. In moderation. Then embrace your fruits and veggies too. In moderation. Then get out there and run, swim, bike, do yoga — whatever active thing it is that you actually enjoy.

HF: What is the #1 secret that you feel every runner should know?
Grace: You need to give your body rest — that includes sleep, and days off. Running every single day does not necessarily make you faster!

I love a runner who cares about the details like socks and shoelaces. And yes, all of us obsessive ones do need to remember to take some time off. Read more about Grace at her Balancing Me blog. Thanks, Grace!



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