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A Runner’s Story: Adrienne Langelier

Posted by on Friday, April 20th, 2012


Here at Healing Feet, we love to talk to athletes and find out how they prepare, perform, and, of  course, take care of their feet. Today we have an interview with Adrienne Langelier, marathon runner, triathlete, and a therapist and sports psychologist.

Healing Feet How long have you been running?
Adrienne Langelier I have always enjoyed running and it has been part of my fitness routine since my teen years when I played soccer. I actually didn’t start running competitively until graduate school-all it took was winning First Overall Female in my first half marathon and I was hooked. That was in 2007, so I am in my 5th year of racing.

HF How do you motivate yourself?
AL I get asked that quite a bit, and in all honesty, I have always been a fairly intrinsically motivated person by nature. I run and train simply because I love to. I love the challenge, I love the feeling when in all comes together, and I love the notion of pursuing something most do not. I see mediocrity as unacceptable and want to see how good I can get. It’s not always easy, but I lean on others and try to inspire them as well. That usually keeps me going. That, and I love it!!

HF Do you have any foot care or footwear secrets to share?
AL I am sponsored by Brooks and love their line. It is important to know your gait  patterns and tendencies. So a thorough gait analysis by a qualified professional is must if one wants to run injury-free long term. I also am a big proponent of massage and self-treatment, even if it is just with a foam roller at home. Consistency is key.

HF What is your strategy for preparing for races and marathons?
AL Staying positive and seeing the big picture in the training cycle. I try and focus on the “little things” as they are as important as the miles themselves: recovery, sleep, nutrition, and auxillary work, such as core and stretching. You want to be on your game both on the roads and off to get the most out of race prep. Another strategy is to prepare mentally: how do you want to see the race play out? What are the goals and what do I want to get out of the race? I like to visualize the course as well.

HF How have recovery runs helped your training?
AL Absolutely. I have discussed this with the pros before. They don’t really feel good while you’re doing them, but getting fresh blood flow through the muscles makes the next session so much smoother.
HF What’s a common issue you come across through your sports psychology and how do you treat it?
AL Self-doubt is a common one, and it is often related to an athlete’s belief system. My first plan of attack is to determine the experiences and thoughts driving these negative beliefs and doubts, then start working on changing them. I do a number of techniques depending on the athlete’s thinking style, but an example is to find situations that trigger doubts and negative thoughts, and start re-programming the athletes thinking patterns to something more positive and useful. 

HF Do you have any health/nutrition tips to share?
AL One thing is to keep it simple. Read and learn, but trust your own judgement and use what works for you. In order to find that out, train with different products (as in gels and beverages). I train with PowerBar products personally. It is also important to mind both foundational nutrition (i.e. daily intake, meals, etc.) and fueling/performance nutrition (calories consumed in training and racing). While both vital, they are not interchangeable. Some athletes tend to focus more on how to fuel properly for a race, while they may be cutting corners in their foundational nutrition, for example cutting too many calories, or not taking in proper carb/protein ratios.

HF What is the #1 secret that you feel every runner should know?
AL Become a student of the sport as well as really get to know yourself and your tendencies. The more you understand about yourself as an athlete and the purpose of training, the better. That is the key to progressing and becoming YOUR best-being where you are at and improving from there- nothing more, nothing less. Don’t try to become another runner -be yourself.

Great advice, not just for running, but for life. Get more helpful training tips from Adrienne at her blog and follow her on Twitter @alangelier. Thanks, Adrienne!

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