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6 NYC Podiatrist Recommended Products for Healthier Feet

Posted by on Monday, May 21st, 2018


We wash, exfoliate, moisturize, and sunscreen our faces. We invest in specialty anti-aging serums and pamper ourselves with facials at the spa. So why don’t we give our feet the same TLC? After all, summer sandal weather puts them on display—at picnics, the beach, and while out shopping. If you’ve neglected your feet all winter long, here are some NYC podiatrist recommended products to help you look and feel better.

podiatrist recommended products
YogaToes offers foot care with a gentle stretch if you have a family history of bunions or hammer toes. [Image Source:]

NYC Podiatrist Recommended Products for Healthier Feet

1) For Cracked Heels: The Baby Foot Exfoliation for Feet Peel

Each Japanese foot peel kit ($25) comes with plastic booties and clear gel designed to process for an hour before rinsing off. A week later, the dead skin will slough off for up to two days before leaving your feet baby soft and smooth. Reviewers say it feels luxe and wonderful—not at all itchy, gross, or uncomfortable.

2) For Dry Feet: Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish

Daily exfoliation is the secret of foot models. This sugar scrub ($67) is grainy enough to remove dead skin cells but gentle enough for regular use. Combine with the ceramic Tweezerman LTD Pedro Callus Stone for the best results.

3) For Achy Muscles: Dr. Teal’s Pre- and Post-Workout Epsom Salt Soak

Epsom salts are great for relieving sore feet, not to mention drawing out infections. Add two tablespoons of Dr. Teal’s ($5 at Walmart) to warm water for a relaxing footbath whenever your feet hurt. We also recommend rubbing the arches of your feet over a tennis ball or frozen water ball to relieve pain. Remember that persistent foot pain is not normal, and should be treated professionally.

4) For Painful Arches: SuperFeet Insoles

The right foot support is critical for staying active. “One day I was talking to a buddy of mine who’s a podiatrist and he said, ‘You’ve got nice cars. Do you put cheap tires on them? Try SuperFeet,'” recalls celebrity chef Guy Fieri. These shock absorbers (starting at $30) can help you withstand long days of hiking, standing, or pavement pounding.

5) For Hammertoes: YogaToes

Like bunions, hammer toes are a problem that progressively worsens without treatment. YogaToes (starting at $30) is a gentle stretching product named after their inventor’s Iyengar yoga practice. They pull the toes outward and away from the balls of the feet. You can wear them when you’re watching TV, relaxing by the pool, reading a book, taking a bath, or eating dinner. Ballerinas in the Washington Ballet, the team trainer of the LA Dodgers, and musical artist Sia swear by YogaToes. While they haven’t been studied for hammertoes specifically, a 2012 study did find that using YogaToes relieved painful foot contractions in Parkinson’s patients.

6) For Circulatory Issues: Wanderlust Air Travel Compression Socks

Compression socks are great for people who fly a lot and worry about swelling and dangerous clots caused by blood pooling in the feet. We also recommend compression hose for diabetics, people with leg fatigue, varicose veins sufferers, and overweight patients with edema. These socks (prices vary) provide medical-grade compression from the ankle to the bottom of the knee with a perfect fit that won’t roll down your legs. Comfortable features like a wide toe box, extra padding, fabric ventilation, and arch support will make your feet feel their finest.

For Next-Level Care: The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine

In our NYC podiatry office, we can gently remove cracked skin and calluses with specialized tools, prescribe emollients to improve elasticity, and work with you to create a preventative maintenance plan. We can help you choose the right regimen to protect yourself from cracked, dry, or bleeding skin. Gentle, in-office procedures strengthen the skin barrier to prevent infection, while prescriptions help you manage active infections.

Our office also has a full suite of diagnostic tools to identify the root cause of your foot pain. We offer advanced technologies for treatment, including biopuncture, lasers, therapeutic ultrasound, shockwave treatment, and platelet-rich plasma. We custom-fabricate orthotic inserts that are molded to the unique contours of your feet and fit into almost any shoe you own. These high-quality products are typically subsidized by insurance and should last about five years before requiring minor refurbishment.

If you need cortisone shot pain relief, stretching exercises, custom orthotics, footwear selection, hammertoe pads for proper alignment, and surgical intervention for your hammertoes, we can help. We treat a wide range of diabetic, nerve, and circulatory issues. From drugs and orthotics to high-tech treatments and surgical interventions, we offer the full spectrum of solutions.

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