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Treat the Feet: Top Foot Care Gifts For this Holiday Season

Posted by on Monday, December 15th, 2014


There is just enough time to snag those last-minute gifts in time for the holidays. The personal, thoughtful presents are the best. Many people don’t like investing in “pampering” products because it seems so “lavish” and self-indulgent, which makes foot care gifts a great idea! New York podiatrists from The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine in New York City have had their ears to the ground for the last few months to find the most highly sought-after holiday gifts to treat the feet.

Warm, Fuzzy Socks

E! Online mentioned “warm, fuzzy socks” as one of 19 holiday gifts that “absolutely anyone would enjoy.” It’s true that a pair of plush socks (and a robe!) spells pure comfort around the house. Socks protect the feet and, when used along with a good moisturizer, are a great way to calm dryness in the winter months. Get two pairs for under $25 at Amazon.

Specialty Socks

While a little on the pricey side (four for $44), Thorlo offers a great lineup of specialized socks that offer superior comfort for hurting feet. The colorful Experia Multi-Activity four-pack makes an excellent gift. These socks are made with Cool-Max technology, so the feet don’t become swampy after vigorous activity. They also have a line of socks for people with diabetes that contain added padding in all the right spots to prevent blisters, pain, moisture, and pressure ulcers. You can take advantage of a buy-3-get-1-free promotion throughout the 2014 holiday season.

Heated Insoles

For the outdoorsman in your life, an Alabama newspaper recommends heated insoles by ThermoCell, which sell for around $100. Nobody likes cold feet while hunting, hiking, walking the dog, or shoveling. This neat gizmo lets you crank up the heat using a remote control and rechargeable batteries. The latest version can be charged with USB and runs up to five hours continuously. A spare battery can be inserted for all-day warmth.

Foot Massager

Gaiam’s Ultimate Foot Massager makes an excellent stocking stuffer. It’s something you’d never think to buy yourself, but if you have it, you’ll use it constantly. Simply roll unde your feet (or over any other sore, tired body part, for that matter) and “feel soothing stimulation,” says 303 MagazineYou can control the depth of massage to customize the experience as well. It’s prized for portability and its impact on plantar fasciitis pain. We recommend the hot/cold therapy set.


Looking to splurge a little? Star Pulse says Vionic slippers are worth it. (A few pairs of slippers are on sale right now for under $100!) Designed by an Australian sports medicine doctor and approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association, these indoor / outdoor slippers embody relaxation and comfort. You’ll protect the feet not only from cold, but from punctures, scrapes, pressure calluses, and bacteria as well.

Foot Moisturizer Cream

Bette K’s New Feet Cream is ideal for stimulating circulation, in addition to softening corns, calluses, and rough heels. “I don’t know how I would do without it,” said one Amazon reviewer over 60 years of age. Another reviewer with very sensitive feet and blisters says she’s tried all sorts of lotions and salves, but likes this one best. It’s not too oily and works within a week to totally transform the feet. Some people recommend using it along with a foot buffer. Other recommended “splurge” options include Arbonne’s Pampermint Hand & Foot kit and L’Occitane’s Foot Butter.

Foot Soak

A foot soak at the end of a long day is relaxing and a great way to get your feet prepped for bedtime. This tea tree oil soak promises to deodorize, soften calluses, improve circulation, and leave your feet feeling new again. Tea tree oil is a natural antimicrobial, so it’s great for people who have battled with toenail fungus or athlete’s foot.

Foot Care Gift Set

If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you can make your own peppermint foot soak, scrub, and cream kit with instructions from The Gunny Sack. If not, you can pick up one of the premade kits from Avon or Gilden Tree.

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Please note that these are not true “therapeutic” products by any stretch of the imagination. As podiatrists, we can only guide you to scents and sensations that will give your feet a little extra T.L.C. and put you at ease. Honestly, nothing beats a visit to the foot doctor if you or a loved one has any real pain or concerns. If you live near Manhattan or Westchester, NY, book an appointment online.


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