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Cross Country

Cross Country: Going the distance to treat foot and ankle injuries

Running is maybe the purest form of exercise. Whether you are competing, or running for fun, it is just you and your body, alone in the elements. Cross country runners, at any level, know the thrill of endurance, but they also know the pain that can come from running. Cross country-related injuries and conditions are borne from unlucky twists, but mostly come from the stress of repeatedly introducing foot to ground. All runners know this, and know that if they can avoid injury and manage pain, they can keep running their whole lives.

At the Center for Podiatric Health and Sports Medicine, we know this as well. We’re runners, having participated in many marathons and races, and have decades of experience helping some of the best runners in the world. Long-distance running, of the kind found in cross country, brings its unique set of challenges, and is unique to every individual runner. We use our experience and the latest in diagnostic technology to give each patient the unique treatment they need to continue experiencing the joy of running for decades to come.
Leg Stretching
Common cross country-related foot injuries include:

    ●Shin splints
    ●Leg stress fractures
    ●Ankle sprains
    ●Ankle twists
    ●Tendonitis of the knee
    ●Plantar fasciitis

We know what it is like to run. The Center for Podiatric Health and Sports Medicine caters to runners. We understand you, because we’re runners too. The stresses and impact that go with running can threaten to keep you from getting out there, but at the Center, you have decades of experience working with you so that you can once again feel the thrill of pushing yourself to the limit.

If you have suffered a cross country-related injury or a long-term condition, please come in and see the dedicated staff at the Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine. Contact us to find out more!