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Strange, Damaged, and Scary Celebrity Feet: They’re Just Like Us!

Posted by on Thursday, December 13th, 2012


Most of the time celebrities seem so far above everyone else. They’re these strange glowing entities, floating around their Malibu castles drinking million-dollar bottles of champagne. They’re like modern day American royalty (and not in a good way, most of the time). I won’t lie: it was with more than a little satisfaction that I went hunting for weird, deformed celebrity feet. There’s something so satisfying about exposing their fallible humanity, about remembering that they have physical bodies subject to the same wear and tear as everyone else’s. You can’t botox away a bunion! You can’t hide a hammertoe in strappy sandals! It turns out, all those sky high heels take their toll, even on the most beautiful among us.


Check out Iman and Naomi Campbell’s supermodel bunions. These dogs are cryin’ because those bunions are painful. I mean, they must be, and yet, there these women are, continuing to stuff their poor feet into the same torture devices that caused their problems in the first place.



Iman and Naomi Campbell aren’t walking the runways as much as they used to. I wonder why they don’t have their bunions surgically fixed. It is a difficult procedure that requires weeks of recovery but it’s not like these ladies have to go to the office.



Katie Holmes: bunions and hammertoes, oh my! It looks like Katie Holmes has some problems and now that Tom Cruise isn’t one of them, maybe she’ll visit a NYC Podiatrist at The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine (212.996.1900) for a consult. Hammertoes and bunions often appear together, typically on the second toe. But poor Holmes appears to have three hammertoes on each foot. This particular malady is caused by an imbalance in the muscles and tendons around the toe joint. Genetics and poorly fitting shoes both play a role. Hopefully Holmes will get these treated soon since, over time, these can become rigid and may require surgery.



I love Jennifer Garner’s cute little crossover toe deformity. This condition is usually caused by poor mechanics: the person’s weight is distributed unevenly and too much pressure is put on the toe. Risk factors include: genetics, a long second toe, a severe bunion, unstable arches, and tight calf muscles. Oh, and, as you might expect, bad shoes can cause this problem too. It may be strange but hey, if I could look like Jennifer Garner, I’d happily accept a little toe weirdness.



Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful women in the world, and she has flat feet! Some people are born with flat feet. In others, the condition develops over time. Angelina Jolie may or may not suffer for her feet, depending on her level of activity. I’ve seen pictures of her doing many things: giving keynote speeches, chasing kids around, chatting with refugees, but exercising? Not so much. While orthotics can help, unfortunately, the only real option for correcting the condition is surgery. I can’t feel too bad for a women who has Brad Pitt as her nurse.


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