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Curious About The Best and Worst Feet in Hollywood? Check Out Wikifeet

Posted by on Friday, March 22nd, 2013


The tabloid news is known for many strange and unsavory things: hiding out in bushes, posing as mailmen, stalking celebrity children, selling nude pictures to the highest bidder, and just generally being obnoxious scourges in the lives of the stars. One thing they’re not known for, however, is obsessing over celebrity feet. Well hold on to your hat because that’s changing! Now Wikifeet, a Wikipedia-like site dedicated to Hollywood tootsies, will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about those famous toes. Who has the most beautiful feet? Who’s feet aren’t fit for the silver screen? Oh boy, I can barely contain my excitement! Some of these ladies better insure those dogs, stat!

The site was founded by Eli Ozer, a former programmer and animator who now devotes all of his time to foot stalking. He is perhaps the world’s only podiatric paparazzo, turning his camera lens away from the perfect hair, smoky eyes, and scandalous outfits of the stars so he can snap pics of their beautiful (or not so beautiful) feet. He’s got over 600,000 pairs of feet, and counting. And they’re all the feet of celebrity women, no men allowed. (Ozer thinks men’s feet are ugly, sorry fellas). Yeah, I agree, it’s pretty weird. But for a podiatric blogger like myself, it’s a goldmine. (I’m sure it’s also a goldmine for all those foot fetishists out there, but that’s a topic for another blog entirely). So far the site has logged over 3.2 million visitors every month and its traffic is growing. Who knew this was such a popular subject? We did, of course.

So what’s the dish? Who has the greatest and gnarliest feet in Hollywood? The greatest award goes to Emma Stone. Her entry on Wikifeet is so popular, typing “Emma Stone” into Google brings it up as the third entry. This is a woman who was in Spiderman and Easy A. She’s dating Andrew Wakefield for goodness sake. And yet, her Wikifeet entry rises above all of that on the Internet.

You might also be interested in Jennifer Aniston’s foot veins (Angelina Jolie has them too), Kate Moss’ bunion (from all those supermodel heels), and the fact that Kiera Knightly always uses a foot double. Selena Gomez is Wikifeet’s most popular celebrity this week.

According to Ozer, “Telling people what I do is always strange. They’re usually weirded out at first but eventually think it’s kind of cool.” He plans to keep adding to the site, with more features like discussion boards and private messaging.

Why not, right? We’ve got lovers of every other body part screaming it from the rooftops. It’s about time feet got their day.


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