Olympics News: Evgenia Medvedeva’s Injury Leaves Her Sidelined With a Foot Fracture

Posted by on Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

The 2018 Winter Olympics will be held February 9th-25th in Pyeongchang County, South Korea. As such, the next few months will be intense for Olympic hopefuls—and it’s not exactly the time you want to be in a leg cast if you’re a figure skater. This is the situation that Russia’s Evgenia Medvedeva—widely favored to take the gold in February—finds herself in now. She originally planned to continue competing in scheduled events, despite a stress fracture in one of her right foot bones. However, she was forced to pull out of the Grand Prix in Japan December 7-10, which was the last major international competition before the Winter Olympics. Today, we discuss Evgenia Medvedeva’s injury and other types of injuries figure skaters may experience.

winter olympics
South Korea will host the 2018 Winter Olympics. Will it include Evgenia Medvedeva after her injury? Image Source: Flickr user Republic of Korea.

White Plains Podiatrists Discuss Five Facts About Slippers You Probably Didn’t Know

Posted by on Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

Slippers are commonly given as presents for the holidays. Like a plush spa robe, slippers convey the sentiment that the giver wants the recipient to feel comfortable and pampered. Yet, shopping for slippers isn’t always so easy. You’ll find they run the gamut from $11 Isotoners to Guccis topping $1,000, and everything in between. Today, White Plains podiatrists have five interesting facts about slippers you should know before you hit the shops looking for the perfect pair.

Shopping for slippers this holiday season? Here are a few things to keep in mind.
Shopping for slippers this holiday season? Here are a few things to keep in mind. Image Source: Pixabay user FotoEmotions.

Comfortable Shoes for Standing All Day: Tips From NYC Podiatrists

Posted by on Monday, December 11th, 2017

Foot pain has a tendency to make you hurt all over, with discomfort traveling up the kinetic chain and sometimes even leading to injuries in other areas of the body. You may think of such pain as an inevitable side effect of a long workday, but you would feel a whole lot different if you were standing on sand or plush memory foam for eight hours. The majority of New Yorkers spend the day on volatile surfaces like concrete, marble, and tile. These surfaces do not bend or flex with the arches, causing undue stress and fatigue.

Many of the people we see at the Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine work as hair stylists, bank tellers, waiters and chefs, baristas, bartenders, retail sales professionals, or manufacturing plant supervisors. Their feet are screaming by the end of the workday! When a 20-minute ice bath or foot massage won’t rejuvenate them, you may need to take a look at the type of foot support you’ve selected for day-to-day wear. Here are our top picks for comfortable shoes for standing all day long.

On your feet all day for work? Try one of these podiatrist recommended shoes.
On your feet all day for work? Try one of these podiatrist recommended shoes. Image Source: Unsplash user Sweet Ice Cream Photography.

Celebrities at the NYC Marathon 2017: Famous Faces You May See

Posted by on Friday, November 3rd, 2017

You’re not the only one who has been clocking serious miles in preparation for the NYC Marathon on November 5th! Celebrities also come to town for this monumental, star-studded event each year, whether it’s to stay in shape, achieve a personal goal, or raise money for charity. Past big names to cross the finish line include Ryan Reynolds, Katie Holmes, P-Diddy, Teri Hatcher, Alicia Keys, Edward Norton, Mario Lopez, Sean Astin, Ethan Hawke, Christy Turlington, and Pam Anderson. They may be difficult to spot amid the 50,000+ racers, but if you think you spot one of these celebrities at the NYC Marathon, it probably is who you think it is!

Kevin Hart announced his “moonshot” is running “two half-marathons” in NYC.

NYC Podiatrists Recommend Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth on a Walking Tour

Posted by on Friday, March 17th, 2017

NYC offers an abundance of small specialty shops and bakeries to satisfy your sweet tooth. So if you’ve got a taste for sweets, Sugartooth Tours will introduce you to a few of the best-kept secrets of the local dessert world. “I was always trying to find the best off-the-beaten-path bakeries with the best desserts,” said Tour Creator Sarah Morgan. Her bakery tours have been growing in popularity since she started offering them five years ago, and isn’t just about sweet treats, but about local history, lore and trivia, too.

Our NYC podiatrists recommend taking this walking tour to see different parts of the city, and to keep yourself mobile for many years to come.

MLB News: Brett Lawrie Highlights the Potential Dangers of Orthotics

Posted by on Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

Custom orthotics can serve as a first step for addressing a wide range of foot and ankle injuries at many podiatry offices. Naturally, your podiatrist will want to start with the least invasive treatment method that could be successful in treating and addressing your injury or ailment. This makes custom orthotics a go-to solution for many patients.

But athletes have some additional and unique concerns that must be taken into consideration. At The Center For Podiatric Care & Sports Medicine, we are not only NYC podiatrists; we are sports medicine physicians too. We understand total body biomechanics and we are very aware of how a foot-related treatment can have a much broader impact, affecting other structures such as the the ankles, legs, back and neck. Former Chicago White Sox infielder Brett Lawrie recently highlighted what happens when medical professionals do not take these complexities into consideration when prescribing treatment, including a seemingly straightforward treatment option such as custom orthotics.

nyc sports doctors
Orthotics are often used by professional athletes such as MLB players, but their use should be monitored, say NYC sports doctors. (Image Source: Flickr.com)

NYC Podiatrists Offer Drug-Free Pain Treatments for High School Athletes

Posted by on Friday, March 10th, 2017

Sports are a leading cause of injury among high school students, but did you know sports trauma is a leading cause of addiction among student athletes? WKRN News, based out of Tennessee, reports that kids who play sports have a higher than average chance of being prescribed hydrocodone, oxycodone and other potentially addictive opioid drugs following an injury. Long term usage of these potent drugs can result in physical dependence that can be challenging to overcome.

The 18-to-25 demographic is also impacted by another opioid: heroin. Many users report that they transitioned from prescription painkillers to heroin after their physicians cut off access to prescribed medications. This age demographic accounts for one of the fastest-growing population segments seeking help at addiction treatment facilities. Many of these patients were once athletes, according to Dean Porterfield, Director of Adolescent and Young Men’s Services.

This frightening reality has many concerned parents seeking sports medicine clinics that offer alternatives to prescription painkillers to lower a teen athlete’s risk of addiction. The Center For Podiatric Care & Sports Medicine, with offices in Manhattan and White Plains, offers a number of innovative therapies to address foot and ankle injuries without the usage of opioid drugs.

drug-free pain treatment
Prescription drugs for pain can lead injured teenage athletes on the path toward addiction. (Image Source: Pixel.com)

Four Uses for Laser Therapy in White Plains Podiatry

Posted by on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Laser treatments are among the non-steroidal pain management options available at The Center For Podiatric Care & Sports Medicine.  There are currently over 400 large randomized double-blind placebo-controlled human studies involving low-level laser treatments published worldwide. This is in addition to more than 4,000 scientific studies delving into the underlying mechanisms that make laser therapies so effective.

Generally, a low-intensity laser is applied to the injured tissue for a very short duration, at a frequency of several times per week for a few weeks. This process increases the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which the cells utilize to generate energy. The cells can harness this energy to bring about faster healing.

The cell membranes also become more permeable, which means waste products can travel out of the cell more effectively, while nutrition enters the cell with greater ease.  A number of positive effects have been observed in patients, including reduced inflammation, decreases in nerve irritability and increased circulation. Across the entire body, it is not uncommon to see a boost in immune cell numbers, improved nerve function and increased production of endorphins, which serve as the body’s natural painkiller.

Laser helps a variety of White Plains foot pain conditions. (Image Source: Footcare.net)
Laser helps a variety of White Plains foot pain conditions. (Image Source: Footcare.net)

Continue reading to learn about four of the applications of laser therapy in our White Plains podiatry practice…

Newly Approved Synthetic Cartilage Works Wonders For Toe Osteoarthritis

Posted by on Monday, March 6th, 2017

Osteoarthritis (OA) affects roughly 27 million Americans. Not surprisingly, the foot is one of the most common areas affected by joint cartilage degradation that can result from OA. OA is not merely a matter of “inevitable wear and tear” as we age; rather, it’s a disease process that is a result of many factors such as genetics, excess weight, tendon and ligament injuries, and the presence of other disorders such as acromegaly (a condition involving abnormal growth of the hands and feet) or hemochromatosis (a condition involving joint damage from excess iron.)

As osteoarthritis worsens over time, the bones can break down, causing chips (called “bone spurs”) that float around inside the joint. In response, inflammation occurs, prompting the accumulation of proteins and enzymes that further erode the cartilage. In the final stages of OA, there is no soft tissue remaining in the joint — just bone rubbing up against bone, which accelerates joint damage and causes excruciating pain.

The NYC foot surgeons at The Center For Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine are excited about the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of a new synthetic cartilage that can be used in the treatment of osteoarthritis involving the foot and toe, offering these patients a pain-free step forward for the first time in years.

This may look like a mini marshmallow, but it’s actually a new toe implant used to treat Osteoarthritis! (Image Source: MedCityNews.com)
This may look like a mini marshmallow, but it’s actually a new toe implant used to treat osteoarthritis! (Image Source: MedCityNews.com)

Love To Dine & Dash? Try These Weird NYC Food Runs

Posted by on Friday, March 3rd, 2017

We are blessed to live in New York City, where the food is amazing and there are ample places to run. If you like to eat in this city, you pretty much have to run to keep your physique in order! There are races every month to keep you busy. Food runs have been a popular pastime among college students who love daring each other to accomplish wacky feats. So far, there are two foodie races in NYC to choose from this — the New York City Pizza Run and the New York City Cupcake Run — and for good cause.

Imagine running two miles, while eating three slices of pizza? (Image Source: IDreamofPizza.com)
Imagine running two miles, while eating three slices of pizza? (Image Source: IDreamofPizza.com)