Manuel Neuer Injury Update: Star Goalkeeper On The Road To Recovery

Posted by on Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

For those of you following the Union of European Football Associations league, you have probably noticed FC Bayern Munich and Germany goalkeeper Manuel Neuer missing from the rosters. Neuer is widely regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the world. He won the International Federation of Football History & Statistics World’s Best Goalkeeper award consecutively from 2013-2016, led Germany to win the FIFA World Cup in 2014, won the Golden Glove Award for the best goalkeeper in 2014, finished just behind Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo for the most prestigious FIFA Ballon d’Or Award, and received accolades as the “third-best player in the world” from The Guardian. Unfortunately, Manuel Neuer’s injury has knocked him down to the 40th spot on the list for 2017. Some might say it’s bad luck to break your foot three times in 12 months. A sports medicine doctor specializing in the foot and ankle might say it’s bad management.

Manuel Neuer injury
FC Bayern Munchen and Germany star goalkeeper Manuel Neuer out for repeat foot injury. [Image Source: Flickr user Saadick Dhansay]

NHL’s Jack Eichel Injury Update: Has He Recovered From His High Ankle Sprain?

Posted by on Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

Jack Eichel is due back to the ice from a high ankle sprain any week now. It was a tough blow at the time, as the No. 2 Draft Pick from 2015 led the team scoring this season with 22 goals and 53 points in 55 games. Yet, with no mathematical hope of making the playoffs, one has to wonder if Eichel’s return is really worth jeopardizing his long-term health.

NBA News: DeMarcus Cousins’ Injury of the Achilles Tendon Dogs NOLA Pelicans

Posted by on Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

The New Orleans Pelicans are ranked in the middle of the Western Conference of the NBA at #5. They could potentially be doing much better if it weren’t for DeMarcus Cousins’ ill-fated Achilles tendon injury. Unfortunately for teams such as the Pelicans, an Achilles injury can be difficult to predict, with players like Rudy Gay coming back to the game at full strength in three months while others, such as Kobe Bryant, never return to pre-injury excellence. NYC podiatrists explain what happened to the DeMarcus Cousins, how professionals approach Achilles rehabilitation, and what fans can expect in the future.

achilles tear
The NOLA Pelicans miss the absence of DeMarcus Cousins, out for the season with an Achilles tear. Image Source: Flickr user MichaelTipton.

NCAA News: Rawle Alkins Suffers Recurring Pain After Bone Repair Surgery

Posted by on Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Recovery from bone repair surgery is not always a straight line for high-level athletes. This truth is painfully evident in the story of Arizona Wildcats’ team leader, Rawle Alkins, a starting guard originally from our very own backyard of Brooklyn, New York. He’s appeared in fits and spurts since fracturing his foot back in September. Some residual pain is not unusual for a patient six to 12 months down the road. Today, NYC podiatrists explore Alkins’ injury and discuss recovering from bone repair surgery.

Rawle Alkins injury
The Arizona Wildcats have lost a key player due to injury. Image Source: Wikimedia user INeverCry.

NBA News: An Update on Reggie Jackson’s Injury as He Recovers From an Ankle Sprain

Posted by on Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

The good news was that the Detroit Pistons stomped the Indiana Pacers in a 24-point victory the day after Christmas. The bad news? Reggie Jackson, their star point guard, left halfway through the third quarter with a sprained ankle. The MRI confirmed he had a severe grade 3 sprain, with complete ligament tearing. This type of sprain necessitates a short walking cast or boot for at least three weeks, followed by rehab, and a good six to eight weeks before physical activities may resume. Here’s the latest injury update for Reggie Jackson and how such ankle sprains need to be treated.

Reggie Jackson is in rehab for a severe ankle sprain.
Reggie Jackson recently sustained a severe ankle sprain. Image Source: Wikimedia user Dudek1337.

A Look at the Worst Sports Injuries in 2017 Pertaining to the Foot and Ankle

Posted by on Friday, January 5th, 2018

As sports medicine doctors, we keep a close eye on the types of injuries athletes are sustaining, and 2017 had some big ones. Yahoo! News mentioned the following incidents among the “worst sports injuries of 2017.” A 24/7 Wall Street review based the findings on the quality of the players, the team’s dependence on them, and the amount of time the injury kept the players out of the game. Many of the lower body injuries resulted in the need for surgery and rehabilitation that would stretch the whole season long.

2017 sports injuries
No one wants to be sidelined with a season-ending foot or ankle injury, but that’s exactly what happened to these players in 2017. Image Source: Wikipedia user Thelmadatter.

NCAA News: Mississippi State QB Nick Fitzgerald Injured But Recovering

Posted by on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

It was described by the papers as a “gruesome, brutal ankle injury.” Mississippi State Bulldogs’ Quarterback Nick Fitzgerald went down on a three-yard run just nine minutes into the November 23rd game against their bitter rivals, Ole Miss Rebels. Although he returned on crutches to cheer his team on, it can be a worrisome prognosis for such a young player to sustain a dislocated ankle. Today, NYC sports doctors consider how Nick Fitzgerald was injured and how he is expected to recover.

Nick Fitzgerald sustained an ankle injury
Learn more about the ankle injury that took down Nick Fitzgerald. Image Source: Wikimedia user RalphTheCorndog.

Olympics News: Evgenia Medvedeva’s Injury Leaves Her Sidelined With a Foot Fracture

Posted by on Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

The 2018 Winter Olympics will be held February 9th-25th in Pyeongchang County, South Korea. As such, the next few months will be intense for Olympic hopefuls—and it’s not exactly the time you want to be in a leg cast if you’re a figure skater. This is the situation that Russia’s Evgenia Medvedeva—widely favored to take the gold in February—finds herself in now. She originally planned to continue competing in scheduled events, despite a stress fracture in one of her right foot bones. However, she was forced to pull out of the Grand Prix in Japan December 7-10, which was the last major international competition before the Winter Olympics. Today, we discuss Evgenia Medvedeva’s injury and other types of injuries figure skaters may experience.

winter olympics
South Korea will host the 2018 Winter Olympics. Will it include Evgenia Medvedeva after her injury? Image Source: Flickr user Republic of Korea.

NBA News: Celtics’ Gordon Hayward’s Injury Puts Him Out of the Game

Posted by on Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

So much hopefulness and nervous energy are bundled up in the first game of the NBA season. The Boston Celtics (ranked #1 in the Eastern Conference last season) faced off against the Cleveland Cavaliers (ranked 9th). Maybe, from the Celtics’ standpoint, the game seemed like an easy opener. Although, in the offseason, the Cavaliers signed a new GM and traded Kyrie Irving (to the Celtics) in exchange for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowded, and Ante Zizic—so there was no telling how the new team would perform.

For 27-year-old small forward Gordon Hayward, who had just come over from the Utah Jazz, it was not the sort of debut he’d hoped for—starting and ending the season in one day with a fractured ankle.

Celtics' Gordon Hayward suffers injury
How will the Celtics fare following Gordon Hayward’s injury? Image Source: Wikimedia user Pkantz.

Greg Olsen Injury Report: Carolina Panthers’ Player Breaks His Foot

Posted by on Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

Maybe you hear the crunch, or maybe you feel ice cold blood rushing down into your foot. Either way, it’s hard to mistake the sensation of a foot bone snapping during intense activity. Greg Olsen, tight end with the Carolina Panthers, is one of the latest NFL players to report a dreaded foot fracture. It’s a devastating blow for a hardy player who has caught 625 passes as the first tight end to post three straight 1,000-yard campaigns. Olsen has played over 160 games and hasn’t missed a single one since 2007. “It’s tough. It sucks,” he said succinctly. So what’s next for Carolina fans? We’ve seen and treated many broken feet in our Manhattan and White Plains sports medicine practices, so we can report on Greg Olsen’s injury and provide an idea of how his recovery will likely play out.

Greg Olsen's broken foot
The Carolina Panthers will be missing Greg Olsen for the better part of the season due to a broken foot. Image Source: Wikimedia user Diddykong1130.