Patients Ask: Can You Get a Pedicure If You Have Foot Fungus?

Posted by on Monday, September 17th, 2018

Do you worry about the condition of your feet before getting a pedicure? Are you concerned your foot problems could prohibit you from seeking help from a foot spa worker or nail technician? If you’ve asked: can you get a pedicure if you have foot fungus? Believe it or not, the answer is “yes.”

“We’ve seen it all—from the beautiful feet to the warted feet,” assures Irene, a pedicurist at Fifi Nail Salon in NYC.

People ask salon workers all the time about various foot issues they worry are “weird” or “strange,” but the professionals say, in most cases, it’s something they’ve seen quite often. On occasion, they may point out a wart so you can have it addressed by a doctor or will let you know they plan to work down a built-up callus. Part of your visit can be educational, but shouldn’t scare you from facing your feet.

Can You Get a Pedicure If You Have Foot Fungus?
If you’ve asked: can you get a pedicure if you have foot fungus? Believe it or not, the answer is “yes.” [Image Source: Shutterstock]

6 NYC Podiatrist Recommended Products for Healthier Feet

Posted by on Monday, May 21st, 2018

We wash, exfoliate, moisturize, and sunscreen our faces. We invest in specialty anti-aging serums and pamper ourselves with facials at the spa. So why don’t we give our feet the same TLC? After all, summer sandal weather puts them on display—at picnics, the beach, and while out shopping. If you’ve neglected your feet all winter long, here are some NYC podiatrist recommended products to help you look and feel better.

podiatrist recommended products
YogaToes offers foot care with a gentle stretch if you have a family history of bunions or hammer toes. [Image Source:]

Interested in a Podiatry Career? A Good Podiatrist Will Soon Be Hard to Find

Posted by on Friday, April 22nd, 2016

No one knows feet like a podiatrist. While many people still see their general practitioners about chronic foot pain and visit emergency rooms for acute trauma, podiatrists fill an important niche for patients seeking personalized care from a dedicated specialist – and podiatrists are increasingly in demand. A new report by the American Staffing Association put podiatrists at the top of their skills gap index as the “hardest-to-fill position” for the fourth quarter of 2015. If you’re interested in a healthcare career, podiatry is an increasingly attractive option.

podiatry career
Podiatry represents a changing industry, says a new report, which predicts a shortfall in specialists by 2020. (Image Source: Flickr CC user University of Salford Press Office)

The Best Essential Oils for Your Feet

Posted by on Friday, March 25th, 2016

Warmer weather signals rebirth and renewal, and not just for plants and flowers springing up from the ground. After an entire winter bundled up in boots or hidden in house slippers, now is the time to show some love to dry, cracked, neglected feet. This is a great time to schedule a routine podiatry appointment and book a trip to the spa to get your feet in shape for the spring and summer. Our sports-centric podiatry practice in New York City helps active adults and athletes create a holistic treatment program for every type of issue pertaining to the feet and ankles. But in between your visits, pampering your feet at home with essential oils is a great complement to the work we do here.

essential oils for feet
Soaking with essential oils is a great way to get the winter blues out of your feet! (Image Source:

Do Your Feet Show Signs of Undiagnosed Disease?

Posted by on Monday, June 15th, 2015

NY podiatrists perform a comprehensive examination of all body systems to get to the root of your foot problem. So it’s no surprise that podiatrists are often the first doctors to diagnose afflictions such as arthritis, diabetes, thyroid or peripheral artery disease. Foot doctors sometimes order further tests like x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, or blood studies.

“Foot doctors are often overlooked as patients set up a primary medical care team,” says Dr. Josef J. Geldwert, DPM. “Yet, we work closely with primary care physicians, dermatologists, cardiovascular specialists and neurologists in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that manifest themselves in different ways — including tell-tale signs in the feet.” He explains that the first goal of his podiatric team is to conduct a thorough assessment and obtain an accurate diagnosis. From there, they seek to immediately rectify the patient’s pain and suffering, and then treat the root cause of the issue.

Here are 10 of the most common undiagnosed diseases the team at The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine come across in New York City.

foot disease
Extremely high arches and curled toes could be a sign of Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease, say NY podiatrists. Image Source:

What Podiatry Services Are Covered By Medicare?

Posted by on Friday, July 12th, 2013

If you have something wrong with your foot, you need not suffer. Medicare covers a wide range of conditions treated by a podiatrist. It’s best to know what is or isn’t covered before you call a doctor, so you can avoid paying out-of-pocket for unnecessary tests or procedures. Here at our NYC Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine, we are happy to call and confirm your coverage before you have any work done, so you know exactly what to expect.

Top 10 Foot Problems Treated By Podiatrists

Posted by on Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Podiatrists aren’t just for the elderly or people with diabetes. Podiatry offers specialized care for a wide variety of foot problems. Many people do not know when they should see a podiatrist and wait until the problem has become advanced. Pretty much any pain, structural abnormality or foot injury can be treated by a doctor of podiatric medicine. Here are the 10 most common foot issues treated by foot doctors.

How To Find The Right Foot Doctor

Posted by on Monday, May 20th, 2013

Finding the right doctor isn’t as easy as it should be. “The truth of the matter is that people are hard pressed to make well-informed decisions when they choose a doctor, and they’re doing it blind,” AARP senior adviser Joyce Dubow told the New York Times. “We don’t have objective data, so we use family and friends. And that’s not objective.”

We are still in the early phases of compiling data on patient reviews of doctors. Great care must be taken to ensure the accuracy of the information — to protect the good doctors and to help the bad doctors improve. Currently, there are insider websites indicating which health care employees have been previously fired, but it’s not open to the public. Nonprofit groups have tried to access Medicare records to see how often surgeons perform hip replacements or prostate surgery, but the government has blocked the proposal. Even so, there are ways for you to find a reliable, proficient doctor — whether it’s a pediatrician or a podiatrist.