NYC Podiatrists Look To Laser Therapy To Treat Plantar Faciitis Heel Pain

Posted by on Friday, June 16th, 2017

The FDA recently approved laser therapy for the treatment of plantar fasciitis heel pain. Studies of the FX 635 laser show dramatic pain reduction in patients whose symptoms did not improve with conservative treatments for five years. The average patient scored a 68 on the VAS pain scale, which decreased down to an 8 with treatment. Like other therapeutic lasers, the FX 635 uses energy to prompt the body’s natural healing processes.

Four Uses for Laser Therapy in White Plains Podiatry

Posted by on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Laser treatments are among the non-steroidal pain management options available at The Center For Podiatric Care & Sports Medicine.  There are currently over 400 large randomized double-blind placebo-controlled human studies involving low-level laser treatments published worldwide. This is in addition to more than 4,000 scientific studies delving into the underlying mechanisms that make laser therapies so effective.

Generally, a low-intensity laser is applied to the injured tissue for a very short duration, at a frequency of several times per week for a few weeks. This process increases the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which the cells utilize to generate energy. The cells can harness this energy to bring about faster healing.

The cell membranes also become more permeable, which means waste products can travel out of the cell more effectively, while nutrition enters the cell with greater ease.  A number of positive effects have been observed in patients, including reduced inflammation, decreases in nerve irritability and increased circulation. Across the entire body, it is not uncommon to see a boost in immune cell numbers, improved nerve function and increased production of endorphins, which serve as the body’s natural painkiller.

Laser helps a variety of White Plains foot pain conditions. (Image Source:
Laser helps a variety of White Plains foot pain conditions. (Image Source:

Continue reading to learn about four of the applications of laser therapy in our White Plains podiatry practice…

5 Tools Every Doctor Treating Sports Injuries Should Be Using

Posted by on Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

There are many podiatrists in New York City from which to choose — but, frankly, some of them are stuck in the Stone Age. The last thing you want to hear is, “Go home, rest, ice it, wear this bandage, and put your feet up” when you have been suffering from chronic pain for over a month. By the same token, you don’t want a NYC podiatrist who rushes you into an operation when there are other, non-invasive treatments out there. The Center for Podiatric Care & Sports Medicine offers the latest proven technological advancements in the treatment of sports injuries to help you get back on your feet as efficiently as possible.

mls laser for sports injuries
Dr. Geldwert uses the MLS Laser to treat sport injuries and chronic pain. Image Source:

MLS Laser Therapy: Foot Conditions That We Treat

Posted by on Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

When foot injuries interrupt your quality of life, our goal at The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine in New York City is to get you back on your feet and resuming regular activities as quickly as possible. In recent years, the power of MLS Laser therapy has been demonstrated and FDA-approved for healing a number of painful foot conditions. We are pleased to offer you the latest technology, just as professional athletes use, to get back into the game.