Patients Ask: Could Mucinex Be Used to Relieve Foot Cramps?

Posted by on Monday, October 1st, 2018

A reader of the Hanford Sentinel contacted the doctor worried about severe foot cramps from inhalers and nebulizers prescribed for COPD. “I noticed, however, that when I take Mucinex (guaifenesin), the foot cramps disappeared completely,” the reader explained, wondering if it was safe to continue using Mucinex for cramp treatment. This isn’t something we come across often at The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine, but any solution that may relieve foot cramps is worth exploring.

relieve foot cramps
Could your sinus medicine also be used to relieve foot cramps? [Image Source: Shutterstock]

The Best Way to Remove a Splinter in Your Child’s Foot

Posted by on Monday, August 27th, 2018

One of the most wonderful aspects of childhood is the zest for life, and propensity to explore and discover. Except, of course, when these whims lead to injury. You might be very dexterous and agile with a pair of tweezers—or you may not be. Most parents don’t want to bring their child into the doctor for something as elementary as a splinter. But, here at The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine in NYC, we don’t mind treating your child’s splinter. No foot injury is too small. We’ll explain why you are better off being safe than sorry and discuss the best way to remove a splinter at home.

the best way to remove a splinter
Here at The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine in NYC, we don’t mind treating your child’s splinter. No foot injury is too small. [Image Source: Shutterstock]

Top 3 Reasons People See NYC Foot Doctors

Posted by on Friday, February 24th, 2017

We’ve already discussed some of the most common reasons New Yorkers come to see reconstructive foot surgeons. Foot and ankle surgery is just a small fraction of the work that we do at our Manhattan and White Plains practices. Board-Certified Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Dr. Mariola Rivera discusses a few of the other NYC foot issues she treats on a routine basis.

new york city podiatrists
Watch out for cracks in New York City sidewalks, warn podiatrists. (Image Source:

Did You Inherit Painful Feet? Treating Hereditary Foot Disorders

Posted by on Monday, July 25th, 2016

We’ve seen a lot of feet in our day, but the Framingham Foot Study could give us a run for the money. It was one of the largest foot condition studies in history, examining more than 6,000 feet and types of footwear (we’d call that a pretty busy day at the office). One of the study’s findings was that conditions like bunions and high arches tend to run in families. “Foot disorders have high heritability,” said study author Mariam T. Hannan of Harvard Medical School, adding: “That’s important, especially for younger people, as there are things you can do to slow the rate of progression and even to prevent many of these problems in the first place.” Our NYC podiatrists have a few suggestions.

treating hereditary foot disorders
If you have inherited bunions or high arches, athletic tape could help stop or slow progression of deformity and prevent pain from developing. (Image Source:

There’s Hope: Fashionable Shoes For Women With Big Feet

Posted by on Monday, May 16th, 2016

Caroline Stillman could never find the right shoes. If you have a common foot size, you might occasionally experience this problem when you go shopping and your size is sold out. But Stillman’s problem was that she couldn’t find shoes in size 11. We’ve heard the same frustrations from many women with large feet. She’s not alone. It’s hard to watch from the sidelines as your friends slip into dainty heels that are dwarfed by your big toe. But Stillman has hatched a plan to help women who share her problem.

shoes for women with big feet
Want high fashion in large sizes? A UK woman might have the answer. (Image Credit: Flickr CC User DenisDenis)

5 Proper Foot Care Tips From A Podiatrist

Posted by on Monday, May 13th, 2013

We recommend that every American add a podiatrist to their team of health care experts. People come in to our NYC Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine for everything from foot pain and sprained ankles to fungus toenails and plantar warts. It’s a wild world out there, but it behooves you to take care of your feet so you can enjoy the best possible mobility for years to come. Here are five proper foot care tips you can learn from a podiatrist.

In Addition to Bunions, High Heels Cause Migraines? Michelle Bachman Thinks So

Posted by on Monday, April 8th, 2013

I’ve been a migraine sufferer since I was a little girl. I see flashing lights, my hands go numb, I can’t stand noise, and I feel like my head’s going to explode. Migraines are quite common, 25% of women and 8% of men will have one in their lifetimes, but little is known about the potentially debilitating disorder. We don’t know what causes them or why. We know they’re characterized by an electrical storm in the brain but how that storm starts, where it comes from, and why some people are susceptible while others aren’t remains a mystery. What does this have to do with feet, you might ask? It turns out, quite a lot.

The Anatomy of a Toenail: Why they Thicken When we Age, and More

Posted by on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

It’s a good thing we have toenails, or, at least, it used to be a good thing. Back before we were human beings, when we were some earlier version of ourselves, finger and toenails were thicker, more like claws and hooves. They were good tools and helped protect our early ancestors. But what about these days? What purpose do toenails serve now? There doesn’t appear to be a whole lot of information on the subject. Surely they evolved from claws, that seems clear enough. But whether we need them now is another question. Some argue that they protect the foot bones, but people without toenails typically manage just fine. I would suggest that these days the most important role toenails play is as a diagnostic tool. The nails offer a window into overall internal health. Vitamin deficiencies, autoimmune disorders, circulation problems, and fungal infections all paint a picture on the toenail.

Chemo Feet: Cancer’s Unexpected Toll

Posted by on Monday, April 1st, 2013

Chemotherapy is an incredible thing. It has saved countless lives, bringing very sick people back from the brink of death. It has allowed mothers to raise their children, and children to become adults. There is no doubt, without chemotherapy our world would be a much sadder, much more desperate place. We hear about the side effects of the treatment and we think, “yeah, well, that’s what it takes to live.” Having never been through chemotherapy myself (and hoping never to have to, knock on wood) I feel totally unqualified to make a judgment call about cost and benefit. There are hundreds of potential side effects that can occur when your doctor pumps you full of radiation, and many of them are more painful than the cancer itself. One of these troubling side effects is peripheral neuropathy: pain, numbness, coldness, and cramping in the feet caused by nerve damage. (This condition can also result from uncontrolled diabetes.)

Is it True What They Say About The Size of a Man’s Feet?

Posted by on Friday, March 1st, 2013

We’ve all heard it before: the size of a man’s feet are directly proportional to the size of his… You know the rest. It’s a silly clichéd saying from romantic comedies and singles bars the world over. A few years ago there was even a whole huge art piece about this at Burning Man. It’s a pervasive saying and one of those things I never actually take seriously, just laugh off politely (or impolitely, depending on the circumstances). But recently I came across some actual science on the subject. Every now and then scientists delve into the lighter questions, putting aside the God Particle for a moment to find the truth behind some quirky social assertion. In this case the investigation (from all the way back in 2002) was resurrected by a lawsuit filed by the musician Chubby Checker against Hewlett Packard over an app that purported to estimate a man’s endowment based on his foot size. What a world.