Celebrity News: Did Osteopenia Cause Gwyneth Paltrow’s Foot Fracture?

Posted by on Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow was spotted in Los Angeles at the end of May, wearing a soft cast on her right foot. The Daily Mail speculated that the cause could have been Paltrow’s assertion that “earthing”—walking without shoes to “absorb electrons from the earth and neutralize free radicals”—is the way to improve mood, inflammation, and insomnia. They also pointed to ex-husband Chris Martin’s admission that Paltrow suffers from osteopenia, a decrease in bone density and a precursor to osteoporosis. She appeared on Jimmy Kimmel a few days ago to set the record straight.

MLB News: Jed Lowrie Undergoes Surgery for Foot Cyst

Posted by on Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Oakland A’s infielder Jed Lowrie is about to enter the third and final season of his contract, but he still struggles to stay off the Disabled List. According to SF Gate, the 31-year-old “has been on the DL 10 times in his career, including twice this season, but he typically has tried to play through various problems,” such as a broken wrist in 2009 and a broken finger in 2014. His latest problem is a foot injury which required him to undergo surgery on August 31st.

Jed Lowrie is having surgery for his foot cyst.
Jed Lowrie of the Oakland A’s will be undergoing foot surgery. Image Source: Flickr user PMell2293

Avlusion Fracture and Recovery End Robert Young’s World Record Attempt

Posted by on Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

Imagine running 2.5 marathons every single day for a month and a half. This was essentially what Robert Young signed up for when he decided to try to break the 36-year-old record for the fastest trans-America run, traveling by foot from Huntington Beach, California to New York City in roughly 45 days.

Sadly, Young’s bid ended prematurely just outside Indianapolis, Indiana on Saturday, June 18th after he ran 36 days straight for more than 2,000 miles. According to Runner’s World“The a 33-year-old ultrarunner from London sustained a broken right fifth toe and cellulitis.” The old trans-American run record, set by Frank Giannino Jr. in 1980,  still stands at 46 days, 8 hours, and 36 minutes.

avulsion fracture healing time
Imagine running two and a half of these each day! Before a fifth metatarsal fracture put a stop to his plans, runner Robert Young was having no problem with it. (Image credit: Flicker CC user JBLM MWR)

Kelly Ripa’s Foot Fracture Reveals Genetic Foot Condition

Posted by on Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

Unlike many of the people we write about, Kelly Ripa is not known as an athlete. She’s best known for starring in soap opera All My Children from 1990-2002 and co-hosting the syndicated morning talk show Live! With Kelly and Michael. But like all of us, Kelly enjoys a rich extracurricular life outside of work that involves physical activities to keep her fit. Dance classes are one of her passions, but the tricky thing about this sport is that one false step while dancing can be immobilizing — as Kelly found out the hard way!

foot fracture
Dancing can be hard on the feet, as Kelly Ripa learned the hard way! Image source: Flickr CC user Marco

Curious About The Best and Worst Feet in Hollywood? Check Out Wikifeet

Posted by on Friday, March 22nd, 2013

The tabloid news is known for many strange and unsavory things: hiding out in bushes, posing as mailmen, stalking celebrity children, selling nude pictures to the highest bidder, and just generally being obnoxious scourges in the lives of the stars. One thing they’re not known for, however, is obsessing over celebrity feet. Well hold on to your hat because that’s changing! Now Wikifeet, a Wikipedia-like site dedicated to Hollywood tootsies, will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about those famous toes. Who has the most beautiful feet? Who’s feet aren’t fit for the silver screen? Oh boy, I can barely contain my excitement! Some of these ladies better insure those dogs, stat!

Pierre Garcon has a lot on His Plantar Plate

Posted by on Monday, February 4th, 2013

I’m not a big sports fan so I wasn’t paying much attention when it was announced that Pierre Garcon, the Redskins wide receiver, was out with an injury. I did perk up my ears, however, when I heard that he had a plantar plate tear. The reason? Unlike many foot injuries suffered by high-impact athletes running at each other like freight trains, plantar plate tears can happen to anyone. In Garcon’s case, the initial injury was sustained early in the season and, after just a few missed games, he was back on the turf, only to injure himself more severely by going back too soon. Now, months later, he’s still undecided about surgery. It’s true, the recovery time is long, but what is the alternative? Let’s explore Garcon’s options.


Walk This Way: Singer Steven Tyler’s Crossover Toe Deformity

Posted by on Friday, February 1st, 2013

Some things are meant to drift—debris in the surf, continents over the millennia, aimless people with nothing to prove—other things, like toes, not so much. And yet, many people out there suffer from a toe deformity characterized by strange drift over a neighboring toe. It’s called crossover toe deformity and if you have it, you’re certainly not alone. Even the rich, famous, and outrageous suffer the slings and arrows of crossover toes. Just look at professional rock star Steven Tyler! Years of pointy shoes, late nights, raucous stage theatrics, and general wear and tear have taken their toll on his feet. So what is it, how do you get it, and what can you do about it? Read on.


Defeeted in the Public Eye: Kelly Osbourne’s Controversial Foot Surgery

Posted by on Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Being a professional personality may seem like the easiest job in the world. You’re paid the big bucks to speak your mind on television. You get to wear fancy clothes, have staff to do your hair and makeup, and spend your time flying to this or that big party or media event. But for Kelly Osbourne, infamous daughter of the famous British rock star Ozzy, the limelight isn’t always shining and bright. Sometimes it’s dark, damaging, and downright unhealthy. Osbourne has famously battled her weight. As an overweight teen on a reality television show, she was the constant butt of Internet jokes and heckling: not great for a girl’s burgeoning self-esteem. As it turns out, her self-esteem wasn’t the only unhealthy thing about her. Kelly Osbourne has suffered for years with flat feet and bunions—conditions she has neglected to treat.


Did Lance Armstrong’s Doping Protect his Feet?

Posted by on Thursday, January 17th, 2013

In the midst of the Lance Armstrong debacle, I’ve been thinking a lot about the physical challenges of professional cycling. If you haven’t been following the news, Armstrong recently admitted to Oprah that he did indeed engage in doping throughout his career, spanning 7 Tour de France victories. It’s a huge blow to the sport—for many years, Armstrong has been its biggest champion and most recognizable face, a leader and a model of leadership. But reading about Armstrong’s many body-modifying treatments, I couldn’t help but imagine the grueling physical challenge of a 21-stage, 3479 kilometer race. Foot injuries are extremely common in cyclists, and they can sideline an athlete for weeks. If doping can help prevent those injuries (in addition to majorly boosting performance), I can understand why it might be appealing.

Strange, Damaged, and Scary Celebrity Feet: They’re Just Like Us!

Posted by on Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Most of the time celebrities seem so far above everyone else. They’re these strange glowing entities, floating around their Malibu castles drinking million-dollar bottles of champagne. They’re like modern day American royalty (and not in a good way, most of the time). I won’t lie: it was with more than a little satisfaction that I went hunting for weird, deformed celebrity feet. There’s something so satisfying about exposing their fallible humanity, about remembering that they have physical bodies subject to the same wear and tear as everyone else’s. You can’t botox away a bunion! You can’t hide a hammertoe in strappy sandals! It turns out, all those sky high heels take their toll, even on the most beautiful among us.