MLB News: Yankees’ Greg Bird Undergoes Ankle Bone Surgery

Posted by on Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

The New York Yankees drafted Greg Bird in the fifth round of the 2011 draft with a $1.1 million bonus. He was selected as a catcher and served several years playing with the Yankees’ rookie league affiliates. In August 2015, the Yankees announced they were promoting Bird to serve as the backup to Mark Teixeira on first base. When Teixeira injured his leg, Bird became “the guy.” The heavy hitter finished the season with 11 home runs and 31 RBIs. Although he missed all of 2016 due to a right shoulder injury, Bird showed promise at training camp—until a “bruised right ankle” put him on the 10-day disabled list.

The os trigonum is a small extra ankle bone that could cause big problems.
The os trigonum is a small extra ankle bone that could cause big problems. Image Source: Wikimedia user Hellerhoff.

Why Pilates Lovers Should Seek Professional Care for Ankle Flexor Inpingement

Posted by on Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

You’ve been doing Pilates for weeks or even months now. You really enjoy the zen-like calm you get from your sessions, and you feel your body growing stronger day by day. There is just one problem—you have this vague ankle pain and swelling that makes it difficult to point or pull the toes up. Flexor impingement syndrome of the ankle is a common issue among Pilates lovers, but it’s still something you should have a professional podiatrist examine.

Pay attention to any ankle pain during Pilates!
Pay attention to any ankle pain during Pilates! Image Source: Flickr user Centro Culturale Khatawat.

RICE Treatment For Sprains: Are You Doing It All Wrong?

Posted by on Monday, January 30th, 2017

The traditional prescription for foot and ankle sprains has always been “RICE” — rest, ice, compression, and elevation. It sounds simple enough for patients to do at home, but researchers say the rules need a little explaining — and some updating, too. Naturally, our NYC podiatrists want you to come in for an evaluation before you attempt to self-diagnose and treat yourself.

nyc podiatrists
Is the RICE method of treating a sprain outdated? Is it backed by research? Are you doing it all wrong? NYC podiatrists explain. (Image Source:

Patient Success Story: Local Government Official Returns To Running After Ankle Injury

Posted by on Monday, December 5th, 2016

Our patients represent a growing family of people who have rediscovered active, pain-free lives thanks to The Center For Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine’s foot and ankle specialists in New York City. We routinely meet people who have endured limited mobility, chronic pain, and continuous setbacks for six months or longer. Here is one of those stories—about a 48-year-old local government official who suffered from recurrent ankle sprains and Achilles tendon pain. He had tried physical therapy for his ankle injury in the past but just couldn’t get back to running.

ny foot and ankle
Get back to marathon training after visiting our NY foot and ankle specialists. Image Source: Flickr user Josiah Mackenzie.

MLB News: Jed Lowrie Undergoes Surgery for Foot Cyst

Posted by on Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Oakland A’s infielder Jed Lowrie is about to enter the third and final season of his contract, but he still struggles to stay off the Disabled List. According to SF Gate, the 31-year-old “has been on the DL 10 times in his career, including twice this season, but he typically has tried to play through various problems,” such as a broken wrist in 2009 and a broken finger in 2014. His latest problem is a foot injury which required him to undergo surgery on August 31st.

Jed Lowrie is having surgery for his foot cyst.
Jed Lowrie of the Oakland A’s will be undergoing foot surgery. Image Source: Flickr user PMell2293

Playing Pokemon Go in New York? Tips for Preventing Foot and Ankle Injuries

Posted by on Friday, September 9th, 2016

The immensely popular Smartphone game “Pokemon Go” has already landed some players in hot water. The popular app is classified as “augmented reality,” and the allure is that it gets players exploring their towns and meeting up with people in their neighborhoods while searching for digital creatures. But trouble comes when people’s eyes are glued to their phones—distracting them as they are in motion—and they take an unexpected spill. New York City podiatrists at The Center For Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine are already treating foot and ankle trauma in patients who admitted they “should have been watching where they were walking” at the time of the injury.

pokemon go injuries
Catch them all, but remember to look where you’re walking. (Image Credit: Flickr CC User Frost Museum)

How to Prevent Long-Term Complications from Ankle Sprains

Posted by on Monday, July 18th, 2016

You’ve slipped, tripped, and twisted your ankle. You’ve seen the doctor but months later, you’re still wincing with pain every time your foot makes contact with the floor. What gives?

Approximately 2 million Americans sprain their ankles every year. 60-70% of them will wind up in emergency rooms that lack the specialized knowledge needed to address such an injury. At best, at any foot and ankle specialist’s office, roughly 30% of patients with an ankle sprain will go on to suffer chronic instability or pain. We’ve got the answers on how to do your best in preventing long-term complications.

Long-Term Complications From Ankle Sprains
Could be a sprain or a fracture? Get an MRI to know for sure. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons user Boldie)

Sudden Ankle Pain: Advice For Peroneal Tendon Injuries Following Ankle Sprain

Posted by on Friday, February 26th, 2016

Injury to the peroneal tendons is one of the most common reasons for chronic outer ankle pain following a sprain. The peroneal tendons are two bands of tissue that connect muscle to bone along the outer ankle. One peroneal tendon connects to the outer midfoot; the other tendon runs under the foot and attaches along the inner arch. These tendons stabilize the foot and ankle, protecting you from sprains. However, when a sprain occurs, these tendons can receive too much stress, resulting in chronic pain.

peroneal tendons
The peroneal tendons are located along the outer ankle joint, connecting soft tissue to bone. Image Source:

Looking at the Numbers: NYC Ankle Specialists Discuss 8 Ankle Sprain Statistics

Posted by on Friday, February 5th, 2016

The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine in NYC is one of the top choices for ankle sprain diagnoses, treatment, and rehabilitation. Whether you just need a little help with immobilization and physical therapy or are one of the rare cases requiring surgery, our team is here to help! Here are eight ankle sprain statistics and details on recovering without residual pain or chronic instability.

ankle sprain statistics
Ankle sprain treatment depends on the location and severity of tear. Image source: Flickr CC user AndriuXphoto

How Much Running Is Too Much for Your Feet and Body? Running without Overdoing It

Posted by on Friday, December 18th, 2015

“I’m almost finished with a Couch-to-5K program,” writes 63-year-old Diane to the running experts.1 “The plan emphasizes running three times a week. When is it okay to run every day?” Some people have busy schedules where running consecutive days seems to make more sense. Others find that they love how they feel post-run and want to experience that glorious, motivational “runners’ high” every day. Our podiatrists, sports medicine doctors, and rehabilitation specialists often field this sort of question, so we’d like to offer our two cents here for all you avid New York runners who want to lead a healthy lifestyle free from foot and ankle injuries.

how much running is too much
How much running is too much? We discuss how pacing yourself during training can stave off foot and ankle injuries. Image source: Flickr CC user Elvert Barnes

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