6 NYC Podiatrist Recommended Products for Healthier Feet

Posted by on Monday, May 21st, 2018

We wash, exfoliate, moisturize, and sunscreen our faces. We invest in specialty anti-aging serums and pamper ourselves with facials at the spa. So why don’t we give our feet the same TLC? After all, summer sandal weather puts them on display—at picnics, the beach, and while out shopping. If you’ve neglected your feet all winter long, here are some NYC podiatrist recommended products to help you look and feel better.

podiatrist recommended products
YogaToes offers foot care with a gentle stretch if you have a family history of bunions or hammer toes. [Image Source: Amazon.com]

NYC Podiatrists Discuss Five Ways to Avoid Sore Feet While Working Out

Posted by on Monday, April 30th, 2018

The winter months tend to be more sedentary for New Yorkers who don’t necessarily love the cold. The warmer weather of late spring and early summer calls many of us out of our slumber—only to be hit with debilitating foot pain. It’s fine to stop an exercise because you feel you’ve truly given it all you’ve got or because you have to get ready for an upcoming engagement, but you don’t want to be held back by sore feet while working out. Worse yet, foot pain spills over beyond our workouts and makes general day-to-day life activities difficult and unpleasant.

Foot pain can result from a structural flaw or condition that requires professional treatment. Or, in some cases, it can just be your body’s way of “warming up” to sudden activity increases. As we’ve previously mentioned, leading a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of developing plantar fasciitis, inflammation, muscle weakness, poor circulation, neuropathy, deep vein thrombosis, and chronic pain disorders. But it’s never too late to make changes to your daily routine that improve your quality of life and overall health.

sore feet while working out

Walking is a great way to come out of a sedentary lifestyle. If you have sore feet while working out, an NYC podiatrist can help. [Image Source: Pixabay]

The Benefits of Orthotic Insoles: Reducing Work-Related Foot Pain

Posted by on Monday, October 23rd, 2017

The feet are your body’s foundation, absorbing the impact of your weight and providing support to the knees, back, and hips. In some industries, American workers are required to wear helmets and steel-toe boots, but too little attention is paid to the importance of having proper foot support and shock absorption for workers who are on their feet all day. The issue goes well beyond achy, throbbing feet. Over time, foot strain and fatigue make a person susceptible to musculoskeletal disorders which affect the rest of the body, resulting in absenteeism and lost work productivity. If work-related foot pain is something you or your employees struggle with, it may be wise to consider the many benefits of orthotic insoles.

insoles can improve work-related foot pain
Adding custom insoles to your employee’s shoes is a proactive step toward reduced absenteeism and injury. Image Source: Flickr user Esther Max.

When Should I Visit a Podiatrist? Common Foot Problems NYC Podiatrists Treat

Posted by on Friday, October 6th, 2017

A few aches and pains are just part of the human condition, right? After all, to live is to suffer. On our best days, our bodies function like well-oiled machines, but as we get older, more often than not, we’ve got at least one little physical trifle to contend with on any given day. Going to see a podiatrist may not be the first priority on your list, but sometimes a quick visit sooner rather than later can save you from a world of hurt and the inconvenience of a lengthy recovery. If you’ve been wondering, “When should I visit a podiatrist?”, here are some common aches and pains you’ll want an NYC podiatrist to take a look at.

ankle aches
NYC podiatrists can help with a variety of foot and ankle aches and pains. Image Source: HealingFeet.com.

Why Do My Feet Feel Heavy When Running? NYC Podiatrists Answer Your Questions

Posted by on Monday, October 2nd, 2017

We all know running is one of the best forms of cardio on the planet. Maybe you bought that new pair of running shoes with good intentions. You were going to hit the open road, putting one foot before the other and continuing until you reached that glorious endorphin release known as “the runner’s high.” You were going to fall in love with running, and it would be your pathway to good health and longevity.

But despite your best intentions, you may find it harder than expected to get past the sensation of your feet feeling heavy when running. It’s as if you’ve got two cinder blocks attached to your feet! Our NYC sports medicine doctors hear this complaint a lot from patients who want to know if there’s something wrong and what they can do to overcome this awful feeling of inertia. Today, we explore the possible reasons why your feet feel heavy when running and offer some tips to help you become more fleet of foot.

Feet feel heavy when running?
Do your feet feel heavy when you run? NYC podiatrists list some possible causes. Image Source: Pixabay user Wokandapix.

Do You Have Elite Feet? Assessing Foot Alignment and Strength

Posted by on Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

Want to be healthy and strong? Total body power begins with the feet! The best runners exemplify perfect form—feet facing straight ahead, rolling from the heel through a strong arch, loading the ball of the foot and big toe, and pushing straight off the forefoot. The term for this action is “elite feet,” and it’s something we should all aspire to if we want to stay mobile and pain-free.

Foot function is too often ignored in the sports medicine field. Often, doctors address foot function only when a patient has a problem such as plantar fasciitis or tendinitis. But how the foot is loaded, aligned, and strikes the ground matters. A balanced, loaded foot leads to proper hip-muscle engagement, pelvic stability, stride power, speed, and agility. We routinely check runners at our gait analysis center to see how the body is performing, and to predict—with startling accuracy—where problems may arise.

In this article, our White Plains podiatrists discuss how to tell if you have elite feet, what exercises can strengthen foot strength and form, and what role a podiatrist may play in helping you improve foot stability.

White Plains podiatrists discuss the importance of proper "elite feet" positioning while running and walking.
White Plains podiatrists discuss the importance of proper “elite feet” positioning while running and walking. Image Source: Free Stock Photos user Petr Kratochvil.

Foot Pain From Jumping Rope: Exploring Possible Causes and Treatment Options

Posted by on Monday, July 31st, 2017

The jump rope is a great exercise tool. Just jumping at a moderate rate burns 10-16 calories per minute, which puts 10 minutes of skipping rope at the same calorie burn as running an 8-minute mile. Add three 10-minute intervals of jumping to your fitness routine to burn an extra 480 calories. It’s the ideal exercise for improving cardiovascular health, bone density, cognitive function, speed, and agility. However, many amateur athletes say they’ve been forced to quit this exercise due to severe foot pain from jumping rope, particularly in the balls of their feet. So what can be done to eliminate pain and return to your favorite fitness strategy?

Jumping rope is great exercise, but be sure to take care of your feet!
Jumping rope is great exercise, but be sure to take care of your feet! Image Source: Pixabay user wandus.

White Plains Podiatrists Offer Tips For Treating Morning Foot Stiffness

Posted by on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

“Why do my feet hurt so much when I wake up in the morning?” This is a common question patients ask our White Plains foot doctors. Some people have arthritis, others have plantar fasciitis—but some patients are healthy, active individuals encountering stiffness and chronic aches for the first time. We recommend that you stop in to see our Westchester sports medicine doctors and podiatrists if your pain does not go away after a week of following these suggestions for morning foot pain.

How do your feet feel in the morning? If they are stiff and achy, White Plains foot doctors can help.
How do your feet feel in the morning? If they are stiff and achy, White Plains foot doctors can help. Image Source: Flickr user Juan Antonio F. Segal.

6 Common White Plains Walking Injuries

Posted by on Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Walking in White Plains is a great workout, but what about the aches and pains you’ve noticed lately? Are they cause for concern? Or are they just the inevitable side effect of daily walking? Our White Plains podiatrists have the answers! If you would like more personalized care, stop by to see us at 10 Mitchell Place in zip code 10601. We’d love to help you select the right footwear, fit you with a pair of custom orthotics, perform a gait analysis, treat foot pain with the latest technology, or answer any questions you may have.

white plains podiatrist
White Plains, NY is a bustling place for walkers, so long as they don’t suffer from these common aches and pains in their feet! (Image Source: PublicDomainPictures.net)

Does Wearing Compression Socks Really Help Foot Pain?

Posted by on Friday, October 21st, 2016

Compression socks have been all over the news in recent years, but is it all hype, or do they really help with running performance, foot pain, and injury recovery? As NYC podiatrists and sports medicine doctors, we do recommend a lot of compression socks. Many elite athletes and celebrity runners swear by them, too.

Compression socks aren't just for diabetics anymore!
Compression socks aren’t just for diabetics anymore! Image Source: Flickr user triitalian.