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Basketball: Take your talents to a foot and ankle clinic

Basketball is a game of precision and fluidity- at its best it plays like a free jazz quintet, with five players working in tandem while showing off their individual brilliance. It is also, more than any other team sport, a game played in the air, where jumping abilities make up a huge portion of success. Because of this, foot and ankle injuries are more common in basketball than they are in some of the more earth-bound sports. Basketball-related foot injuries, as well as chronic conditions, can hamper or even end a player’s career if not properly treated.

Two Basketball Players On The Court

At the Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine, we make sure that we properly diagnose every patient of ours, taking into account their unique conditions and circumstances. Every injury and chronic condition is different, especially with a sport like basketball, where the way you land at any given moment can impact the overall health of your foot. Some common basketball-related foot injuries include:

    ●Inversion ankle sprains
    ●Ankle fractures
    ●Metatarsal fractures
    ●Bone bruises
    ●Achilles tendonitis
    ●Stress fractures
    ●Ankle instability
    ●Plantar fasciitis

A rich history of treating basketball-related injuries: Dr. Geldwert served as the Podiatric Consultant to the WNBA’s NY Liberty

Basketball is a beautiful game filled with dozens of sudden starts and stops at every moment. There is a chance for injury, and the game is full of wear and tear simply from jumping and landing so often. Your game can’t get better if your sidelines due to a basketball-related foot injury- so come into the Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine to get back on the court.

If you have suffered a basketball-related injury or a long-term condition, please come in and see the dedicated staff at the Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine. Contact us to find out more!