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Arthritis Feet: Surgical & Non-Surgical Treatment Options in New York

Posted by on Wednesday, February 4th, 2015


If you are experiencing pain, tenderness, stiffness, reduced mobility, or swelling in your feet, and have difficulty walking, you may have arthritis. Many people assume that arthritis is something that happens to the elderly, but in reality, many athletes suffer from it as well. It is best to see a New York podiatrist if arthritis is suspected, so we can take you through the full gamut of treatment options. Early, effective intervention can often prevent the need for surgery down the road.

arthritis feet
A NY podiatrist and sports medicine doctor can guide you through a safe exercise program to improve mobility and pain in arthritis feet. When necessary, the latest surgical options can be explored. Image Source:

Early Treatment Is Crucial

Depending on your condition, lifestyle, and medical history, we may recommend a comprehensive treatment plan that includes:

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Steroid injections
  • Biopuncture
  • Massage
  • Physical therapy
  • Orthotic shoe inserts
  • Microcurrent therapy
  • Laser pain relief
  • Special footwear

Types of Arthritis Foot Surgery

There are three broad categories of foot surgery to treat arthritis feet: debridement, joint fusions, and joint replacements.

Debridement: When mild stiffness related to a poorly healed past injury is the problem, scar tissue and destroyed cartilage are removed.

Joint fusions: When there is excess movement in the joints, surgeons may use pins, plates, screws, and rods to hold deformed bones in proper alignment.

Joint replacements: When there is not enough movement in the joints, surgeons may replace the joint with a prosthesis. Replacement is most commonly recommended when damage to the joint surfaces is severe.

New Cartilage Implants Available

In the past, patients with arthritic feet felt stuck between a rock and a hard place. Surgeons told them they could get a fusion done to combat pain, but they would sacrifice the ability to bend their toes. Now, new implants like Cartiva—made from a putty-like substance—fill in for the missing shock-absorbing cartilage between the bones, allowing patients greater mobility and superior pain relief.

One patient from Britain says she left the hospital with a bandaged foot, a protective shoe, a crutch, and painkillers after a 40-minute procedure. To her surprise, the pain in her big toe disappeared for good, and she was able to get back to her favorite activities again. “Now, I’m as active as ever,” she reports. “I’m just delighted that the dreadful pain in my toe has gone for good.”

Help For Arthritis Feet in NYC

Need help with arthritis foot pain in New York City? We lend a sympathetic ear to your daily difficulties, as well as the expertise to do something about it! The board-certified foot and ankle surgeons in our office have more than 40 years of experience in successfully replacing or repairing painful arthritic joints. We are skilled at fusions, as well as replacements, and offer a wide range of high-tech, pain-relieving treatments that may prevent the need for arthritis feet surgery. Contact us online or call 212-996-1900 to schedule an appointment with a Manhattan foot doctor—or, if you live in Westchester, call 914-328-3400.


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