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About Pronation Treatment

We treat and correct excessive pronation in New York City

“Pronation” itself is not a bad thing. This term refers to the foot’s tendency to flatten and roll inward as it lands. Pronation is a normal part of your gait and helps the feet offload the stress of the body’s weight. Ideally, your foot should use about 15 degrees of flexibility while rolling to the outside or inside as you walk.
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Excessive flexibility becomes a problem when the horizontal movement of the foot rolls beyond the normal range. This can cause stress, inflammation or tears of the foot and ankle tendons.

You are not alone. Up to 67% of people have too much range of motion in their gait. But you do not have to live with the pain this causes. Our NYC foot pain specialists have all the diagnostic tools and treatment options you need to walk in comfort again!

What Causes Pronation?

Most often, people are simply born with a foot structure that encourages excessive pronation.  We believe certain environmental factors can also cause or exacerbate the condition including:

  • Poor shoe choice
  • Failing to replace excessively worn shoes
  • Standing or walking for long periods at work
  • Pregnancy

Related Conditions

People with excessive pronation often suffer pain in their feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back. Other conditions we often treat along with the pronation include:

What We Do

Our staff includes professionals with doctorates in Podiatric Medicine, certification in foot and ankle surgery, training in the latest technology, and many years of experience treating sports injuries.

Our pronation treatment includes:

  • Gait Analysis – Using a specially-designed system of computers, treadmills, video cameras, and pressure sensors, we assess how your body moves as you run to find areas of excessive pressure that cause injury.
  • Custom Orthotics – Our facility is equipped to perform computerized orthotic scanning to create removable shoe inserts that perfectly conform to the shape of your unique feet.
  • Foot Support Products – Depending on age, lifestyle, and extent of pronation, we may recommend products such as Sure Step arch braces, Fabrifoam Wrap, FlexaMed Arch Bandage, gel pads, heel cups, or Rehband light ankle braces.
  • Strength Training – Building stronger calf, ankle, and foot muscles helps maintain the right natural alignment in the lower extremities in many cases.
  • Pain Therapy – We offer many types of pain management from prescription medications and biopuncture to shockwave therapy and MLS or MIX5 laser treatment to rapidly resolve your symptoms of acute pain.
  • Footwear Consulting – We will help you measure your feet and select footwear

to help connect over-pronation. This includes strong heel counters, flat/rigid soles, extra cushioning, a wide base, sturdy upper soles and added depth to accommodate orthotics. Our counseling covers types of shoes, shoe features, brands, retailers, and proper fit.

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