Should Athletes Take Ibuprofen? NYC Sports Medicine Doctors Examine the Dangers of NSAIDs

Posted by on Friday, August 11th, 2017

Athletes sometimes joke that ibuprofen is their “Vitamin I.” They work out, push themselves, and take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) later to suppress the inflammatory response and recover faster. However, two new studies reveal the potential dangers of such an approach. “While the medicines are popular, they may also overtax the kidneys during prolonged periods of exercise and actually inhibit the muscles’ ability to repair afterward,” explains NYC sports medicine doctor Dr. Josef J. Geldwert. Although Dr. Geldwert was not directly involved with the studies, he routinely counsels athletes on proper recovery protocol and understands the dangers of relying too heavily on NSAIDs such as ibuprofen.

NYC sports medicine doctors recommend taking Tylenol, rather than ibuprofen, to cope with severe muscle pain.
NYC sports medicine doctors recommend taking Tylenol, rather than ibuprofen, to cope with severe muscle pain. Image Source: Wikimedia user Dcoetzee.

Do You Have Elite Feet? Assessing Foot Alignment and Strength

Posted by on Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

Want to be healthy and strong? Total body power begins with the feet! The best runners exemplify perfect form—feet facing straight ahead, rolling from the heel through a strong arch, loading the ball of the foot and big toe, and pushing straight off the forefoot. The term for this action is “elite feet,” and it’s something we should all aspire to if we want to stay mobile and pain-free.

Foot function is too often ignored in the sports medicine field. Often, doctors address foot function only when a patient has a problem such as plantar fasciitis or tendinitis. But how the foot is loaded, aligned, and strikes the ground matters. A balanced, loaded foot leads to proper hip-muscle engagement, pelvic stability, stride power, speed, and agility. We routinely check runners at our gait analysis center to see how the body is performing, and to predict—with startling accuracy—where problems may arise.

In this article, our White Plains podiatrists discuss how to tell if you have elite feet, what exercises can strengthen foot strength and form, and what role a podiatrist may play in helping you improve foot stability.

White Plains podiatrists discuss the importance of proper "elite feet" positioning while running and walking.
White Plains podiatrists discuss the importance of proper “elite feet” positioning while running and walking. Image Source: Free Stock Photos user Petr Kratochvil.

How Long Do Socks Last? Signs of Wear and Tips for Increasing Sock Longevity

Posted by on Monday, August 7th, 2017

Here’s the deal: you can buy wholesale socks as cheap as $1 a pair. To put it into perspective, that’s $48 for 48 pairs of socks. What more could you want, right? But you get what you pay for. Dollar socks aren’t going to wick away sweat as you’re wearing them all day. They might feel slouchy and fail to grip to your feet. They are probably thin and decidedly unsportsmanlike. As NYC podiatrists and foot specialists, we’re going to tell you the truth: sadly, those $20 socks are that much better. If you want your feet to be cool, comfortable, fungus- and blister-free, then you need to invest a bit more money into the socks you choose. The next logical question is, how long should pricier high-performance socks last? And how can one make their socks last as long as possible?

What's the normal lifespan of a pair of socks?
What’s the normal lifespan of a pair of socks? Image Source: Pixabay user tookapic.

New York Walking Tours: NoshWalks Offers Taste of Lower East Side Jewish Food

Posted by on Friday, August 4th, 2017

The weather is still a joy in New York City this time of year, so let’s get walking to keep our blood circulating, our muscles strong, and our bodies mobile! NoshWalks offers culinary walking tours of the different ethnic neighborhoods, including Italian, Latin American, Bangladeshi, South Asian, Caribbean, African, Israeli, and more! One of the best tours they offer is the “Tastes of the Jewish Lower East Side.” Often, this tour is combined with a walk through Chinatown and Little Italy for a real multicultural extravaganza!

Noshwalk's Lower East Side walking tour includes a stop by the Eldridge Street Synagogue.
NoshWalk’s Lower East Side walking tour explores the Jewish community, including the Eldridge Street Synagogue. Image Source: Flickr user Librarygroover.

NFL News: Cleveland Browns’ Myles Garrett Sustains a Lateral Foot Sprain

Posted by on Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

Cleveland Browns fans can breathe a sigh of relief now that top draft pick Myles Garrett has started moving through training camp as of July 27th, despite a foot injury in June. Good thing, since the Browns signed him to a four-year contract worth $30.4 million, with a $20 million signing bonus and the option of a fifth year. Teammates have praised the dynamic edge rusher for his work ethic and humility—two qualities that can really help an athlete recovering from injury. Will he be the “Rookie of the Year,” as one analyst predicts? It may all depend on how his left foot and ankle hold up.