Should You Get Botox In Your Feet To Wear Heels On New Year’s Eve?

Posted by on Friday, December 30th, 2016

It’s nearly New Year’s Eve, so you know what that means… time to bust out those PAINFUL SHOES again! Better plan on lounging around with your feet propped up all New Year’s day, nursing a hangover and icing those throbbing feet, right? Maybe not. An increasing number of party attendees are seeking Botox or dermal fillers for the balls of their feet to make their stilettos feel more comfortable. Is this a trend you should hop on, or a dangerous fad? NYC podiatrists from The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine have the answers for you.

high heel foot pain
Is Botox a viable solution for your high heel foot pain? (Image Source:

Can Your Child Compete In White Plains Sports With Sever’s Disease?

Posted by on Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

Sever’s disease has a scary sounding name, but in truth, the condition has nothing to do with anything in the body being “severed.” The first mention of overexertion-related heel pain was by J.W. Sever, M.D., who wrote about it in the New York Medical Journal in 1912. It may be new to you, but our NY podiatrists treat quite a few of these cases each year — particularly among children ages 7-14 who are active in soccer, basketball, or running. It is the leading cause of heel pain in young athletes, constituting an estimated 5.8% of all youth sport injuries. As a parent, you’re probably wondering: What caused it? What do I do about it? And will it affect my child later in life? The Center For Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine, with offices in Manhattan and Westchester, has all the answers for you.

Children ages 7-14 are at risk for Sever’s Disease, particularly if they play a lot of sports. (Image Source:
Children ages 7-14 are at risk for Sever’s Disease, particularly if they play a lot of sports. (Image Source:

Over-The-Counter Insoles Do Little For Injury Prevention, Study Finds

Posted by on Monday, December 26th, 2016

Cushioned shoe inserts continue to be popular among consumers with foot pain, with brands like Dr. Scholls, Spenco, Sof Sole, and New Balance flying off the shelves. One would logically assume that a little extra padding to the sole could only help reduce the pressure our feet face everyday. But is there any evidence these products work? Is it possible they could actually do us more harm than good? Australian researchers published new findings from a meta-analysis review in the British Journal of Sports Medicine

cushioned shoe inserts
Are cushioned shoe inserts worth trying? Research says no. (Image Source:

Get Into The Christmas Spirit With This Holiday Window Walking Tour Recommended By Our Manhattan Foot Doctors!

Posted by on Friday, December 23rd, 2016

The chilly winter weather in New York City doesn’t have to make you squirrel away your life indoors. Why not get out and about with a heart-warming walking tour of the lights and sights of the season? These dazzling holiday window displays are truly works of art. Our Manhattan foot doctors recommend finding a great pair of waterproof boots that fit properly; throwing on a pair of liners and a pair of wool socks; stretching your feet and ankles; then hitting the streets. Adding walking to a cross-training mix keeps your lower extremities warmed up and is an easy way to prevent many foot and ankle injuries.

(Video courtesy of Timeout Magazine)

Note: This suggested self-guided walking tour comes to you courtesy of ABOUT TravelIf you prefer to see many of the same sights with a pay-as-you-like guide (or by bus), you may link up with Free Tours By Foot.

Soccer Star Credits Nike Shoe With Career Rebound

Posted by on Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

New England Revolution’s Charlie Davies was considered one of the “most promising players in U.S. soccer in 2009,” by some accounts — dubbed “the hardest working goalscorer” who helped the men’s national team to an exhilarating run for the Confederations CupA car accident left him with a lacerated bladder and fractures in his elbow, face, femur, and tibia. Though he lives with lingering effects, he credits a pair of Nike soccer cleats with his recovery.

nike soccer cleat
These Nike high top cleats helped Charlie Davies get back to the soccer field after a five-year absence. (Image Source:

Doc Martens Prevent Foot Amputation After Girl’s Traumatic Accident

Posted by on Monday, December 19th, 2016

Doc Martens are a British footwear brand associated with counterculture groups. Originally, they were worn by postal carriers and factory workers, so they became a symbol of “the working class” beloved by skinheads, punks, and oi bands. Later, Pete Townshend from The Who brandished a pair, instantly making them a symbol of the rebellious 60s. The brand creators write in their bio: “Dr. Martens’ appeal to people who have their own individual style but share a united spirit—authentic characters who stand for something.” But image aside, there is more than meets the eye with Doc Martens: They can be a real foot-saver in the event of a traumatic accident!

Footwear makes a differences in the case of a traumatic accident.
Footwear makes a difference in the case of a traumatic accident. Image Source: Wikimedia user Aavindraa.

The Innovative Procedures and Policies That Make Us NYC’s Best Foot Surgeons

Posted by on Friday, December 16th, 2016

Type “NYC foot surgeons” into Google and you’ll see there is no shortage of practices—well over 500, in fact. So how does a sensible person whittle down this list to find the right fit? The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine in New York City isn’t a run-of-the-mill, stereotypical podiatry office for old people with arthritis and bunions. It’s a sports medicine hub filled with leading edge technology and skilled specialists who see themselves as educators just as much as doctors.

Our NYC podiatrists will keep your feet happy and healthy.
Our NYC podiatrists will keep your feet happy and healthy. Image Source: Flickr user bark.

Tips for Preventing White Plains Skiing Injuries

Posted by on Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

Nearly 20 million people enjoy downhill skiing in North America, making it one of the nation’s most beloved pastimes. Unfortunately, it’s also a busy time of year for White Plains foot and ankle specialists. While the number of skiing foot and ankle injuries pales in comparison to the number of knee injuries, “podiatric injuries still deserve our attention,” explains Dr. Ryan Minara, DPM, because “most of these injuries are preventable.”

Most skiing foot and ankle injuries are preventable, say White Plains podiatrists.
Most skiing foot and ankle injuries are preventable, according to White Plains podiatrists. Image Source:

NYC Doctors Discuss Foot Pain Treatments Without Opioids or Surgery

Posted by on Monday, December 12th, 2016

The CT Post recently reported on a “new protocol” being used by surgeons in Greenwich, CT, to reduce foot pain and patient reliance on opioids. As NYC foot doctors, we feel very sympathetic to people’s pain tolerance levels, but we also don’t want you putting drugs into your body if we can avoid it. We have been serving patients with leading-edge foot pain relief, advanced surgical techniques, and “best practice” post-surgical protocols for more than a decade.

Our NYC foot doctors offer the latest foot pain relief that also helps curb opioid addiction.
Our NYC foot doctors offer the latest foot pain relief that also helps curb opioid addiction. Image Source: Flickr user Eric Norris.

Podiatrists Recommend The Best NYC Walking Tours For Foodies

Posted by on Friday, December 9th, 2016

You don’t have to be a tourist to indulge in a New York City food tour. And as local podiatrists, we advocate walking tours as an excellent way to stay active and enjoy all the Big Apple has to offer. If you find your feet start to ache, don’t assume it’s normal; instead, come see us at The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine (with offices in Manhattan and White Plains) to address any discomfort you are experiencing. Often, it’s as simple as changing footwear, doing a few stretches, or slipping a pair of custom insoles into your shoes. So without further ado, here are a few foodie tours you can check out by foot (once the weather warms up some perhaps!)

Podiatrists suggest best NYC walking tours for those who love food.
It wouldn’t be a true NYC food tour without a hot dog. Better choose a walking tour so you don’t put on too many extra pounds! Image Source: Flickr user stu_spivack.