Another Chronic Achilles Tendon Pain Success Story

Posted by on Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Last week we shared the story of a basketball player who suffered from chronic Achilles tendon pain and how we helped by using a combination of immobilization, extracorporeal shockwave therapy, and biopuncture. We’d like to share another recent story about a runner and triathlete who suffered from the same type of overuse injury. At The Center for Podiatric Care & Sports Medicine, we really customize our therapies to your unique situation, rather than presenting a “one-size-fits-all” strategy as a general practitioner might.

gait analysis
Gait analysis is a helpful tool in treating Achilles tendon injuries in runners.
Image source: Flickr user University of Salford Press Office

High-Tech Tendon Repair: Examining the Highly Efficient Tenex Procedure

Posted by on Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

The Center for Podiatric Care & Sports Medicine is known for offering state-of-the-art procedures that are highly coveted by elite athletes to repair injuries and speed up rehabilitation times. One of the treatments we feel particularly passionate about is the minimally-invasive Tenex procedure for Achilles tendon pain. “The recovery is much quicker than with conventional surgery,” explains Dr. Katherine Lai, “and the results have been very good.” For the ultimate convenience, New Yorkers who want expert-level care to repair overworked, torn tendons can book their consultations and procedures at our Manhattan or Westchester centers online, without a long waiting period.

achilles tendon
Our NYC sports medicine center uses the latest technology to heal chronic tendon pain and injury at the source.

Finding Support on the Long Road of Running Injury Recovery

Posted by on Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

We regularly tell our patients at The Center for Podiatric Care & Sports Medicine that running injury recovery is as much a mental journey as a physical feat. Often, the same people come back to us more than once — not because treatment failed, but because their patience failed. “I pushed myself, even though I knew I shouldn’t have,” they tell us. Maybe friends were visiting from out of town, or an important race was coming up; there is always a reason to want to do more, rather than taking the slow road of recovery. We guide patients through an active recovery, so there is no loss in athleticism or skill. Even so, many people are mentally unprepared for the challenges ahead. Finding support while recovering from a running overuse injury is crucial.

ny running injury support
If you’re wearing a CAM walker boot or using crutches, finding people who understand your unique challenges makes a world of difference.

Avoiding Treacherous Footwear: Flip-Flop Alternatives from NYC Podiatrists

Posted by on Monday, July 28th, 2014

A simple stroll around Central Park reveals an endemic health problem. On any given day, our NYC podiatrists spot dozens of people wearing flip-flops for their walks. Some people have dogs; others have baby strollers. Some people are leisurely meandering, while others are striding in more of a power-walk. Somehow the flimsy, summery flip-flop has migrated from Coney Island and Brighton Beach, and made its way onto the hard asphalts of our parks and streets. There are, in fact, many reasons why you should keep your flip-flops in your beach bag and transition to athletic trainers or — at the very least — more robust summer sandals for your summer outings.

flip-flop pain
Flip-flops are a major cause of foot pain among 15 to 25-year-olds.

Think Twice Before Popping That Pill: How Painkillers Can Destroy Your Stomach Lining

Posted by on Friday, July 25th, 2014

When you’re living in chronic pain, it’s easy to be seduced by an “easy answer.” Physical therapy, icing, and other treatments can be time-consuming and expensive. People don’t want to invest in themselves when they could just pop a pill and be on with their business. Oral medication carries the risk of side effects that many patients often ignore and overlook. One of the consequences of pill-popping is the destruction of your stomach lining, according to an article in the Daily Mail UK newspaper.

foot painkillers
Long-term use of painkillers can cause all sorts of health problems, which is why we recommend surgery or other noninvasive treatments for foot pain. Image Source:

An Achilles Injury Success Story from The Center for Podiatric Care & Sports Medicine in NY

Posted by on Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Helping patients with chronic pain is the most rewarding part of our job at The Center for Podiatric Care & Sports Medicine. Often, these patients have tried just about everything they could think of– from home remedies to a physician’s recommendations. We are pleased to offer the next level of care in our Manhattan and Westchester centers, with innovative technology and therapies like the PinPointe FootLaser, Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma Injections, Focused Aspiration of Scar Tissue, Cryotherapy, Biopuncture, and more. Here is one story of one patient who was feeling really down and out about chronic pain– and how we helped.

achilles injury
The Achilles tendon attaches the heel to the calf muscles. Find out how we treat inflammation, pain and tears of this thick cord of tissue. Image Source:

Enes Kanter Becomes the Latest NBA Player to get Coveted PRP Injection

Posted by on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Utah Jazz Center Enes Kanter recently underwent platelet-rich plasma treatment to help with quadriceps tendinitis just above his right knee, according to sources. The six-foot-11, 22-year-old Turkish NBA player was the third overall pick for the Jazz, with an average of 12.3 points and 7.5 rebounds per game. His body has been riddled with injuries since his entry into the NBA in 2011. He has suffered from a dislocated shoulder, sprained ankle, and a past knee injury that required surgery. The team says Kanter will only miss about two weeks of the post-season, and should be 100 percent back in shape for the 2014-2015 season training camp. Our Center for Podiatric Care & Sports Medicine in NYC is one of the few places in Manhattan that caters to elite athletes and active individuals with platelet-rich plasma injections.

enes kanter
Enes Kanter goes for the bIock. Moves like these can be rough on the knees. Thankfully, PRP injections can get him back on the court quickly. Image Source:

Are Your Activities Limited Because Of Foot Pain? (Solutions Here!)

Posted by on Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

More than half of all Americans say their foot pain limits daily activity, according to a new poll by the American Podiatric Medical Association. One-quarter of those suffering from foot pain admit that they neglect their feet health and nearly half of the women polled admit that they regularly wear high heels. Here at The Center For Podiatric Care & Sports Medicine in Manhattan and Westchester, we are dedicated to identifying the source of your troublesome foot pain and not only curing the acute pain using the latest technology, but addressing the underlying issues as well.

foot maintenance
Foot pain is incredibly pervasive in America, yet most Americans admit they don’t really give a second thought to maintaining the feet beyond trimming their toenails. Image Source:

Top 4 Things You Need to Know about Puttin a Stop to Recurrent Foot Fungus

Posted by on Monday, July 21st, 2014

The podiatrists at The Center For Podiatric Care & Sports Medicine find themselves giving the same advice about foot fungus until they’re blue in the face. They find that athlete’s foot and toenail fungus are topics that no one wants to talk about, so the general public has a very limited understanding of what causes foot fungus and how it is ultimately cured. Dr. Katherine Lai shares the four most important tips for stopping foot fungus once and for all.

foot fungus prevention
A podiatrist can help you maintain healthy feet by treating the acute symptoms of foot fungus and providing tips for long-term prevention.
Image Source: Aleser via

Taking Care of Kids’ Feet: The Importance of Pediatric Orthotics

Posted by on Friday, July 18th, 2014

Every podiatrist has that one thing they are particularly passionate about. For Dr. Nadia Levy of The Center For Podiatric Care & Sports Medicine, it’s pediatric orthotics. This year, we are pleased to celebrate the birth of Dr. Levy’s son, Aidan. As a podiatrist and mother, Dr. Levy has a unique perspective on custom inserts for children’s shoes, which she shares here.

prevent foot pain
Custom orthotics can be a tremendous asset for young feet.